We would now be exploring the natural heritage sites that are vested in the vast territory of Nepal,that exudes an aura of peace and tranqulity.
Moreover, these beautiful places are isolated and you can enjoy your solitude in the laps of Mother Nature.


Beautifully nestled in the inner Terai lowlands of Chitwan, the Chitwan National Park covers a vast area of 932 square kilometres extending itself over the deciduous forest cover on the riverine floodplains.

Bestowed with a rich variety of vegetation and wildlife, serves as one of the last habitats of the endangered species of Asiatic one-horned rhinoceros And The Royal Bengal Tiger.

Established in 1973, included in the natural heritage sites in 1984 and is at a distance of 146 km Southwest of Kathmandu.

Take a flight from the capital city of Nepal to visit this serene place and also for the delicious food you get inside the park!


Extending itself to 1148 square kilometres over the riverine regions and Sherpa's home front of Khumbu, this serene place has the rugged mountains, snowy glaciers and the dipping valleys with the foothills of Mount Everest.

Rhododendron, Blue Pine, Juniper and silver fir can be cited as we cross the 4000m mark.

The magnificent sight is truly remarkable and cherry is added to the cake when the rare species of animals like snow leopard, Pandas, lynx are spotted.

With the likes of the rare varieties of birds of snowcock, Snow pigeon and peasants the entire region looks very beautiful, vibrant and colourful.

Declared as a natural heritage site in 1979, it lies at a distance of 188 km towards the northeast of the country capital( Kathmandu) is reached via Jiri.

An alternative option to visit this place is by flying yourself up to the Everest base camp region of Lukla from where this place is at a short distance.


The Royal Bardia National Park was established in 1988, covering an area of 968 square kilometres, lies to the far west part of Nepal, to the east of river Karnali.

Considered to be the largest park in Terai lowlands, major portions of this park is covered with beautifully scenting sal trees.

Flora and fauna vegetation is abundant in this region what's the one-horned Rhino, tiger, black buck, crocodile and over 200 species of birds inhabiting this place.

At about 520 kilometres from Nepal capital, it usually takes half of a day to reach here by a bus ride that meanders itself through the curving slopes of the mountains and the drive in itself is very serene.