Reaching There

Rail Nearest railhead: Dehra Dun (173 (ml 51/2 hrs)

Mussoorie Express. Taxis charge around Rs 1,800 to Mori.

Car- A 408-km long drive from Delhi via Meerut, Roorkee, Dehra Dun, Mussoorie, Kempty, Nainbagh, Nowgaon, Purola and Jarmola to Mori


Distance 408 km NE of Delhi

JOURNEY TIME By road 11 hrs


The village of Mori, on the banks of the Tons River, is in the legendary realm of Duryodhana in north-western Garhwal, 173 km north of Dehra Dun

A Beautiful Hamlet paved along the banks of tons river, it boasts of a unique culture and history.The pine trees arouse an Aroma of their own leaving one stand still to take a deep breath of the sweet air.

Compounding itself is the tones river that meanders its way through the Hills and you can even dive down the river while embarking on rafting journey.

Rafting In the treacherous rapids of the tons river, surely remember rafting in the Ganges as it gives a tough competition to it.

Things To see and do

Let's go camping, and there we were setting up our own tents along the banks of Tons river.It was my first experience, pitching up a tent and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in the process.
With the advent of the morning rays of the Sun which glanced gently on the entire Valley, it was a deeply peaceful and calm sight to behold.

This region holds the tallest Pine trees in Asia, so we quite amply rested ourselves beneath the Shade before moving to go to activities like cycling and trekking apart from rafting which we did later in the day.

For historical enthusiasts, this region is bestowed with a temple dedicated to Duryodhana, which is believed to have been built by the Pandavas.

Some mythological stories have been revolving around this Temple since quite a while and it is believed by the inhabitants of Har ki Doon that the spirit of Duryodhana still lingers in this realm.

Lunagadh creek expedition is another activity to look out for which involves a walk from theAdventures Campsite through a narrow gorge with pine Forests in the vicinity and Gujjar huts and clear Azure waters await you with a small waterfall.

It's a charming little destination, with the reflection of the skies in the pool making it an ethereal delight.

Adventure lovers and especially children are thrilled to lose themselves in rock climbing, river rafting, and rappelling.
Matches of cricket and volleyball take the place of young minds amidst the heavenly glory.

Trekking trail

That tons valley serves as the base camp of gorgeous treks like the Kedarkantha, mesmerizing Har ki Doon valley and the remote Ruinsartal.

A trek to Kinnaur and onto the Yamuna and Bhagirathi watershed is also on the list to opt for for a delightful experience!