Gary Vaynerchuk – Positivity, Social Media Marketing And Much More

Rishabh Hemani
Apr 22, 2019   •  4 views

Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American entrepreneur who turned his father’s $2 million per annum generating liqour store to $60 million per annum generating business. He is better known as “Garyvee” because of his social media handles which carry that name. He has a huge passion for building and developing businesses and aspires to buy the NFL team New York Jets. He is an expert in the domain of social media marketing and digital marketing who has himself admitted that he owes his life and career largely to social media. It is because he has developed his wine business majorly through Youtube videos in the initial days and then expanded his wings through almost all other popular social media platforms.

Why should one follow Garyvee?

Gary is of course a connoisseur in the wine business but he is much more than that. He is a pack of multiple qualities bundled into one. He is also a motivational speaker who will fill your heart and soul with positivity. Let’s take a look at what one can take from him.


Garyvee is all about positivity, passion and hustle. Depression is rising among the people across the world and to fight this we need someone to tell us that we can achieve happiness and reach our goals. Gary is a highly practical person who encourages one to follow his/her passion, work hard, think optimistic and lead a fulfilling life. He’s an advocate of happiness over material gains.

Marketing Insights

As said earlier, Gary owes his career largely to social media. He believes it is one of the most valuable gifts to humankind and has explained how social media is continuously adding more and more rags to riches stories as the days are passing by. He explains how by the use of social media a large number and types of businesses can thrive and reach unimaginable heights. In this age where variety of social media platforms are present, different businesses can choose appropriate ones to reach to global consumer base.

Books, Podcasts and Videos

Gary has shared his knowledge about marketing through social media and otherwise via a number of books, podcasts and videos.

His top books include:

1)Crush It: Why now is the time to cash in on your passion
Here he has discussed how a person can turn his passion into a profession through branding and how a media can be used to tell people your story.

2)Jab Jab Jab Right Hook
Marketing is not just about selling one’s product. One has to interact, engage and relate to customers to build a brand and relationships. Then only the selling should take place. Here you’ll understand Gary’s perspective of marketing and of analysis of marketing techniques of various brands which one can learn and implement in his own businesss.

3)Crushing it
In this one Gary has shared the stories of a number of people who used the knowledge and insights of Gary’s marketing ideas to build their own businesses and take them to unthinkable heights.

Gary has used books to share his knowledge but he does it through other media too. He produces a lot of content on daily basis on Instagram (through videos) and Youtube as well. For people who want to listen to him while travelling, they can hear his podcasts through Soundcloud and Spotify app. It is important to understand and gain an impression of this man through videos first before reading books. So watching some of Gary’s videos on Instagram or Youtube before reading his books is highly recommended.

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