Where Goa has a lot to do in the season time; the water sports, the beach shacks and millions of restaurants, the off-season time in Goa has its own charm. Though people believe that the name builds a picture of alcohol and parties in the minds of people, while most activities come to a pause in the rainy season, the biggest tourist destination of India becomes a comparatively quiet and a perfect place to relax and escape from your daily routine.

Other that the party animals, it becomes a beautiful place for the nature lovers also. Here are some things that you will enjoy in the off-season of Goa if you want a vacation:

1.Sunset at Vagatore

Just stand on the cliff and look at the horizon, wait for the sun to set and you will see a beautiful view of the sea reflecting those hundreds of hues of orange and yellow that the sky demonstrates.This is one place where setting of sun never seems like an ending but an eye pleasing moment which you would want to experience a million times.

2.A Walk at Morjim beach

Also known as the turtle beach, Morjim is one of the cleanest beaches of Goa. Whether you want to take a dip in the rising and falling waves of the ocean or just walk along the shore, Morjim would be perfect for you.

3.Boats and Cruise at Panjim

Try your luck while enjoying the river transport at the capital city of Panjim with the casino cruise or experience the Goan culture on the 45 minutes long cruise on the Mandvi river.

4.Restaurants and Parties

The restaurants and bars are forever in business as they organise many all-night parties and events very often. There are many themed restaurants whose view is just enough to relax your mind.

5.View Points

Famous structures including the Panjim Church, the Lighthouse and the Aguada Fort are an all-time charm, not just for their view but also for their appearances in many movies. Churches of South Goa also have a very different feeling that one must experience.


A tourist destination is never complete without shopping. Many small shacks on the beach along with the famous Wednesday Market and the night market are just perfect to fulfil all your wishes. Mapusa market and Panaji market are more or less famous for other small or big daily use items.