Delhi is not just a city; it is an experience. It is the national capital of India and is, in fact, the heart of our country. “Dilwale ki Dilli” is the phrase often used to describe the uniqueness and magic of the capital city. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan founded the city of Delhi in 1649 and was named Shahjahanabad after it.Delhi has its secrets and surprises, a variety of cuisine in food, great places to stop by and so much to see and live for. It’s a universe of its own. Here are some surprising facts about the city of rulers, poets and desi Indians:-

1931- Delhi’s Inaugurated as Capital

King George V laid the foundation stone of Delhi in 1911 during Delhi Durbar. Then he assignedSir Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker, finest British Architects to design and reframe Delhi to be inaugurated as the Capital City of India in 1931. An obelisk had been erected at the place where King George V and Queen Mary sat during the Durbar of 1911. It can be viewed at Coronation Park.

Largest Spice Market of Asia

The Khari Baoli Market of New Delhi is Asia’s largest wholesale spice market. It is situated atOld Delhi close to the Red fort near to Fatehpuri Masjid which is on western of Chandni Chowk. The spice market was established in the early 17th century and is continued till date. It might be the largest market in the world as the people of Delhi love to eat spicy foods.

World’s Largest Environmental Friendly Transport

Delhi is the city of India that runs environment-friendly transport. Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) owns the largest number of fleets of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueled buses in the whole wide world. Delhi has made itself one of the largest public transportation systems in India. It emits environmental friendly gas that does not pollute the air of the city. This is a big step in lowering pollution levels.

Lotus Temple – Only Bahai Temple in Asia

Lotus Temple is no doubt is one of the finest-crafted structure in Delhi. Lotus Temple of Delhi is one of the only 8 Bahai Temples in the world. The lotus temple, which is located in New Delhi, was completed in 1986. It has attracted more than 70 million visitors, which is one of the most visited buildings in the world. This temple has won the numerous architectural awards and featured in hundreds of Newspapers.

World’s second most Bird Rich city

Delhi is a paradise for Bird Lovers.New Delhi is the second most bird-rich capital city in the world after Nairobi in Kenya. Delhi ridge which is divided into 4 zones - Old Delhi or Northern rim, the New Delhi or Central peak, the Mehrauli or South Central ridge and the Tuglaqabad or Southern ridge provides habitat to several species of birds.