Are We Living In The Space Opera ??

Rashim Kapoor
Jun 01, 2019   •  63 views

The statement " we may live in space opera universe without realising it ", may or may not be true as there are numerous people all around the human species with the idea of space opera.. firstly, lets just go through what space opera means . Well Space Opera is the subgenre of sciencefictionthat stresses space fighting , exxagerated experience , interplanetary fights and regular chance to take within the universe . It may feels so unreal and wierd that people of human kind consider anything special or phenomenal as dream . But space opera is something beautiful and glittery and fun that is kind of point that brings people close to it and people start to follow it and make it part of their life . This has also lead tonumber of criticism thatspace opera is simply considered as "fantasy in space " but it is an attempt to make the wordsspoken or action that are done look fascinating . Everybody somwhere deep inside them like these kinds of stories as space rangers , robotic fights, alien invasion . Even i also adore when real world science is applied to fictional framework. lets take an example ofa single human fighting with multiple troops of aliens alone . This is where we know why people want to live in space opera , because there even the weakest one can become the superhero . This fulfills all his dreams of being a powerful saviour of world .

let's discuss space opera series that have brought the universe this close to one another they don't even realize this difference .

The first one is "space opera " written by David Hartwell . Itdefinesthe genre as dramatic , large scale science fiction adventure usually focused on sympathetic , heroic plot . it often deals with war, piracy , military virtues, and very large scaleaction..

The next and the greatest space opera series that might have been an important reason in making people live in that space opera world is"star wars series" . One is able to fly around in space battling stormtroopers , and being jedi that one can defeat . through this series people started to imagine themselves as if they themselves are having genuine lightsabers that may protect them and people around them from any kind of space invasions .

All the thingsconsidered brings us to a conclusionthat we are connected somewhere with various mindsets , and unusual reasoning while staying with out general thoughts



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Well done Rashim