Mangoes -Diabetes Friendly, Do You Know It?

Ranjith Bollabathini
Jun 07, 2019   •  42 views

A small hesitation in many people that can mangoes be eaten by diabetes patients.yes, mangoes can be eaten by diabetes patients.

Mangoes are rich in fibers, which does not allow your blood sugar levels to rise too high.

Every year, right now even in this summer, my mailbox is flooded with questions about whether one to eat or not to eat mangoes.

"I have diabetes, will mangoes cause my blood sugar levels to rise?"

"Mangoes are sweet, won't they make me put on weight?"

"Are mangoes healthy to eat?"

One shouldn't be scared of fruits; you shouldn't be afraid of anything that grows naturally. What you should be frightened of is everything that comes packaged, of everything that's processed, of your poor lifestyle choices.

Mangoes-Diabetes friendly, Do you know it?

This rule applies in diabetes too-you can eat mangoes daily, but should not exceed the limit. Depending on your blood sugar levels, you can have one mango or half a mango, is quite enough and safe. Mangoes are also rich in fiber that controls the rise of your blood sugar levels. I always tell people who are trying to control their blood sugar to have some seeds and nuts with it or right after it, so that the levels are kept within limits, being your health safe.

Other than the vitamins and fiber, mangoes also contain a substance called 'mangiferin,' which has an anti-viral and anti-inflammatory impact on the body. It also affects certain enzymes in your body to positively control your blood sugar levels!

Mighty Mango

Mangoes are rich sources of vitamins C, A, E and K, and most of the B vitamins except B12. Mangoes also have traces of Omega-3 and Omega-6 and are loaded with minerals and fiber.One ripe mango will have approximately 29-32grams of fruit sugar and a glycaemic load of just 10. So while you don't have to be scared of mangoes, you do have to be scared of overeating them. This holds for virtually anything good for you-too much of it can have adverse effects.

Indulge with care

Some people eat five to six mangoes a day. If you're one of them, take it easy. There's a whole season to enjoy mangoes, and you should limit your intake to one or two a day. If you highly have diabetes, have a half-a-mango in the morning and the other half in the evening. Couple of it with nuts and seeds if your sugar level is too high. It means consuming nuts and seeds along with mango after or during eating it, is quite safe.

As for weight gain, mangoes will not stand by themselves cause you to pile on the kilos. They have very minimal fat in them, and they pack a lot of nutrition, including vitamin C, which helps to detox the body.

So trust in the goodness of nature and enjoy the season's produce in all its glory!