Contributor Series-3, Depth Of Contribution

Ranjith Bollabathini
Aug 14, 2019   •  5 views

We have discussed in an earlier article about the scope of contribution; the next level is the depth of Contribution. Here we will learn deeper about Contribution and the various levels of it.

3 Levels of contribution

Level-1 contribution

Activity level or situational contributions

Level-2 contribution

Project level contributions

Level-3 contribution

Purpose level contributions

Level-1 Contribution

Activity level or situational contributions.

Taking intiative and responsibility for a situation faced unexpectedly.

At level-1 contribution, I contribute in my day to day activities or by responding positively to situations or challenges.


WhenSarat, a railway official, notices trains are getting delayed, he ensures that announcements are made and SMS sent to travelers to inform them of the delays, early.

In the above example, Sarat, the railway official response to the situation and make necessary announcements to the travelers for their convenience. He is responding to the circumstance that happened there. That is situational level Contribution,level-1.

Level-2 Contribution

project level Contributions.

Taking responsibility for a specific outcome or initiative.

At level-2 Contributions, I take responsibility for a specific outcome or goal. I accept the initiative and work systematically towards this outcome or goal.


Faisal, a junior bank clerk, noticed that Every time someone needed a voucher, from ancient records, it took days to find it. In his free time, he decided to recognize all the files and coupons in the new system so that what made days could now be retrieved in minutes by any staff.

In the above example, he took responsibility for a specific outcome in the bank, i.e., he recognized all the files in a new system such that finding them whenever needed becomes easier. It refers to as project-level contribution, level-2.

Level-3 Contribution

purpose level contributions

Dedication to a larger purpose or tansformation.

At level-3, I become deeply committed to a larger purpose or change in the community. This is long term commitment that may involve several initiatives and meeting several outcomes towards this purpose.


Shakeel wanted to improve the economic conditions of the people in his village. He brought in a lending system so people could borrow small amounts at low-interest rates to finance trade. He also educated them on new lines of business etc.

In the above example, Shakeel took the initiative at his village level and laid a new way to improve the economic condition of his village people. Also, he is educating them regarding the business lines to improve their economy. Here he took the initiative at his community level for a change with a Target to improve the economic conditions of the people at his village level. Hence it refers to purpose level Contribution, level-3.