Living a better and healthy life is a goal sought by all, but fulfilled only by a few. However, enhancing your experience is just a matter of incorporating some lifestyle changes into your routine daily life.

Here are 5 tips to make life better. If you follow them, you can make your life better and healthier.

Be grateful for what you have

Never compare yourself with other people, because if someone is wealthier than you, then some are poorer than you. So always be grateful for what you have.

Don't feel responsible for how others feel

One of the most effective ways to make your life better and relaxed is to forget what others are thinking about you and what is their opinion about you etc. When you stop thinking about such things, then your mind automatically feels relaxed and lighter.

Avoid cell phones

We are so addicted to our phone that we cannot live without them for a single moment! However, leaving your phone alone and using that time for other things or purposes will create space for more happiness and peace in your life.

Make meditation a habit

Reflection is often avoided by those who are super busy but to leave a healthy and longer life; it is necessary to meditate at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. Meditation not only relaxes your body but also makes you feel happy and content.

Think big

The bigger your goals, the more you work hard to achieve them. So always think big to make big.

Things you have to avoid to make your life better

● Never be jealous of the achievement of the other people

● Stop bothering about what others are thinking as you cannot change their opinion, so calm down and relax.

● Do not get agitated or nervous when you encounter problems while in pursuit of bigger things, as they are not achieved overnight.

● Never skip your date with meditation or any other activities like yoga or dancing or even singing. These activities are meant to help you to achieve mental and physical relaxation.

● Don't be isolated by locking up yourself in your comfort zone, as it can lead to depression.