Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far...

Rakshita Upadhyay
May 25, 2019   •  52 views

Life is the best thing a soul can ever get as a gift. It is a challenge; a game of survival and everyone has a chance to become a hero. One time, it looks pretty simple and amazing, while at other time, it seems to get stagnant and there is no way out. Whatever the challenges might come, when happiness comes, a person forgets all the sorrows and learns to live in the moment. Life could be simple and easy, but here is no use of such life when a person remains stagnant to avoid all the uncertainties. Life is an adventure, meant to be lived, not a calamity to be afraid of. One thing where life takes us is towards our destiny and there is no destiny which is devoid of hindrances.

Of all the many things I have learned so far is that, life gives you three things that are to be used and accepted in order to realize what you have come for. These three things are- choices, exceptions and truth. Don’t get intimidated by the weight of the words and rather focus on the essence they give to you. While following the path of your destiny, you will come across numerous things, be it career choice, people, relations, decisions etc. it only and only depends you and the final choices you make. Choices have a strong impact on your life. You can’t always make the right choice! And guess what? It is life! The wrong options or the mistakes you do are the exceptions which increase the distance between you and your destiny. These exceptions are the only things which teach you some of the best lessons in your life. Learn from them!

We all are imperfect and that’s how we all are different! The flaws we acquire with the passage of time are a zeitgeist. They are must if you strive to be better. While mingling with the choices and ending up picking the wrong ones, life hits us with the reality that everything is not meant to make sense and that everything can’t be tamed. At this time, we come eye to eye with the truth; the third and the last thing, life gives us! Whether our eyes search for truth every time or you run from it, truth comes to our way anyway! IT IS INEVITABLE! Like the passage of time, like the waning of the moon, like the flow of water and like the withering of our bodies.

It’s no new thing. We are born (luckily), we grow old, we face challenges and accept the exceptions and in the end we die (or become the cosmic dust, you can say!). But in the meantime, we all are in a voyage of life, to find the reason of our existence and to realize our destiny, hindered by the exceptions and enriched with numerous choices and facing the truth. If this is not what life is, I don’t know what else is!



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I like it
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Great Article. Loved It.
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Thank you everyone... you all are great keep wryting
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Hey, Stop marketing your articles here and there and try to appreciate the thoughts of the writer..:-0
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Do check mine too.
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Nice article!! I enjoyed reading it... Beautifully penned 👌👌👌👌
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It’s beautifully written! I have also posted a few wrytups of the same kind! Please check them out!
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No matter, if people have no time to read your words. Keep on inculcating these things in your conscience. These are the hooks to forge a "HAPPY LIFE"... ;-)
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Hi, nice thoughts :-]]