If you live on this earth then you must be familiar with bread and how they taste. It is a staple diet of a larger part of the world and is used as a part in everyday meals. The basic thing it requires is kneaded dough and sometimes a raising agent like yeast, yoghurt is required. From the advent of human civilization, breads have gone various modifications based on the area, ethnicity and usage. At present, people round the corner of the world consume different types of breads. I have summarized the most popular of them-

Indian chapatti

It is called ‘roti’ in India. Wheat flour is used to make it and it is made on a pan. It is circular in shape and consumed by all Indians.


It is common in Native Americans. The bread is sometimes mixed with pureed pumpkin to add flavor. It is usually fried.


This bread is native to the Jews and served in special occasion like Sabbath and other holidays. It is a kind of egg bread and raisins are added to it. It is golden brown in color and sweet in taste. The topping is usually of poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

Pan de Muertos

also called the Mexican bread. It is baked to honor the ancestors on the first two days of November. It is sweet in taste and decorated with cross and skull bones. It is garnished with anise or orange flower.


The native bread of Germany is indeed popular round the world. It is delicious and considered a German delicacy. The bread is shaped into sticks or rolls and everybody loves them.

Naan bread

This bread is also made in India and the nearby countries. It is baked in tandoors and often coated with butter or ghee. Naan bread use yeast or curd as a raising agent. They are best consumed with paneer or chicken.

Pao de Queijo

They are little bun shaped cheese breads found in Brazil. They are made from corn flour or cassava. The best part is that they are gluten free and use egg but not yeast.

Pain de Menage

Popular in Canada it is fusion between the French-Canadian cultures. Made originally with water, flour and yeast, this bread can be topped with anything like lard to make it tastier.

Now that you know a fraction of the hundreds of breads round the world, start to eat them one by one and appreciate the cultural fusion into a delicacy.



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