Mystery Or Melancholy? No, It's Anxiety! - Part 4

Raj Nandani
Jul 09, 2019   •  8 views

“No, I didn’t. I did nothing, I was trying to hide from you but you saw me. I can understand the loneliness that has caused you all this stuff. I am alone too and sometimes I wish to scream in rage at the world that keeps rejecting their loved ones and people who love them for small pleasures like money, drugs etc.”

“I don’t take drugs.” She said indignantly

“Yes you don’t, but I was just giving an example.” A smile crept up on my face, “The whole day search has made me tired, I will talk to you in morning. You need some sleep, go to sleep now. It’s late.”

“No, please don’t go. I won’t be able to sleep once you go away as well. I feel so many butterflies in my stomach sometimes that I feel as if I’ll throw up. I dream of drowning into a dark void where I am all alone and screaming but no on hears. Everyone just smiles on me and it seems as if I’m on the wrong side of the glass. No one can hear me. No one knows how I’m going down into the black abyss of unknown. I am scared, please be with me till I fall asleep." She requested to me with earnest eyes.

Even though I was unable to understand her problem, I smiled and decided to help her. I said, “Okay. I won’t go till you fall asleep. Happy?”

Her smile was the answer I needed, her first true smile that day. I talked with her about her life and stuffs and she was glad to get rid of all the doubts and serious thoughts that plagued her mind. After a lot of talking, she finally fell asleep. I was happy to see her happy after a long time. She told me about how she always felt left out and was scared about what others will think of her. Her mind was calculating stuffs that didn’t even exist, and this made her anxious all the time.

Now just one thing nagged my mind, what was written in that handmade poster? I went to check it out. It was written there,

Don’t be anxious.
Kill anxiety.
Problems are real, and so are you.
You are real.
You are real.

I saw this and then stared at the mirror in front of that poster. I was unable to see anything where I stood; it was empty as if she was the only being alive in that room. Well, mirror never lies. I glided past the mirror and went to another room with the lights on. I knew that from now on she won't frown in her dreams.




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