5 Reasons Why Ronaldo Is Better Than Messi

Rajith Ramachandran
Jun 23, 2019   •  65 views

Ronaldo vs Messi , the unending rivalry which has been continuing for such a long time now is a thing which we know that will not last long. It's not surprising as why it is known as the greatest rivalry a sport has ever seen.

Both of them are never behind in proving themselves & that’s it for the fact that they will be leaving behind the greatest unanswerable question in the history of the greatest sport which is " Who is the greatest ever ? "

Everyone has his/her own views likewise I too have strong reasons to believe why Ronaldo is better than Messi -

1. Proven in Different Leagues

Ronaldo has played in 4 different leagues of the world and has brought along with him immense success irrespective of the league or team

Premeira Liga(Team -Sporting Lisbon, Country-Portugal),

Premier League(Team-Manchester United, Country-England),

La-Liga(Team-Real Madrid, Country-Spain),

Seria A(Team-Juventus, Country- Italy).

Not only has he won many titles but has also scored and assisted at great rate .He has more career club goals than his counterpart with 689 and 219 assists.Getting out of the comfort zone ain't everyone's cup of tea.

On the contrast Messi has only played in La-Liga(Team-Barcelona, Country-Spain) with 671 career club goals and 274 assists to his name.

2. Champions League Success

No player has ever won a Champions league for a record 5 times, out of which 3 had been won consecutively.Scoring the most goals ever in the history of this competition along with being the top scorer for a record 7 times. His some other records include most assists, hat-tricks, knockout goals, final goals, free kicks etc.

While Messi has won 4 titles along with being the top scorer on 5 occasions. He holds the record for being the top scorer for a single club.

3. Leaderships Skills

Ronaldo has often emerged as the better leader of the both on the pitch always. He can inspire his team to victory under crucial circumstances which is quite evident when he lead Portugal to the UEFA EURO glory in 2016. He was Down with a leg injury but still inspired and motivated his team from the sidelines.

On the other hand Messi has often cracked under pressure situations and has not been able to inspire teammates when needed the most .He is often seen very silent on the pitch unlike a captain. Moreover Messi is the captain of his team because of his exceptional talent as a player and not because of his leadership skills. His journey as a leader has had a big bump when he retired suddenly retired from Argentina when his team was going through a very bad phase & needed him the most.

4. Internationally Better

There has never been a question on who’s better on the international level. Being the top scorer among all the currently active players and all time 2nd highest international level top scorer with 88 goals, Ronaldo stands humongous amongst all at the international level. Winning 2 trophies namely UEFA EURO 2016 and UEFA Nations League 2019 he stands quite clear of his counterpart on this level.

Messi's international trophy cabinet just includes a 2008 summer Olympics gold medal and has 68 international goals to his name.

5. More Complete

A player with no weak foot , who can score from anywhere including long ranger, free kicks, penalties and bicycle kicks. Also being one of the best headers in the football history there is no type of goal which this guy has not scored.

Messi has scored mostly with his left foot. He has also scored many freekicksand crowd exploding goals but has never been as complete as his rival.