Don’T Know About How To Purchase A Domain Name From Go Daddy? Follow These 6 Steps

Shikha Khandelwal
Nov 04, 2020   •  4 views

Hi, guys!! Are you aware of the word “domain name”? If not, you need not to worry; we are here to let you inform about it. It is crucial to have a domain name for a website. This is the human-readable address of your site. It enables your website to be found by a string of numbers representing the computer it’s on. A domain name contains 3 parts:

·      www. – indicates that it’s a web address

·      .com – the domain suffix

·      example – it is the main part of the domain, which represents a company or organization name

The domain suffix indicates what type of domain it is. Some of them are:

.edu – Educational establishment

.net – Network provider

.com – Company

.org – Organisation

Are you wondering for doing online business? Or you must be having plans that how to expand your business? The first step is to learn how to buy a domain name from services like GoDaddy. Without buying a domain name, you cannot build your website, or publish content.

So, it is vital for every website owner to register their Domain from Domain Registrars such as, and etc. Nowadays, GoDaddy is considered as the best Domain Registrar on Internet. Many of Bloggers and Domain Buyer are not aware of “How to Buy Domain Name from GoDaddy?” So, here we have provided 6 steps to purchase a Domain at GoDaddy.

So, to buy a Domain name from GoDaddy; here are few steps like Filling your information, doing planning of your Domain and selecting payment method to pay a Domain Registrar etc.

 Steps to Buy Domain Name from GoDaddy

1.   First, you have to go to Go to GoDaddy’s website ( and then enter the domain name you wish to register in the search bar and click on search button. In case, if your domain name is taken, you will be notified right under the search bar, and you need to choose a different one.  If you’re chosen domain name is available, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

2.   In this step you have to enter the domain name into the search bar. If it is available, then click to “Add to Cart” button. Then you have to register alternative extensions to secure your brand and click on “Continue to Cart” button.

On the Next Page, you will see the Cart where you have to choose your Domain Period like Year, Two years etc. After that, click on “Proceed to Checkout”

3.   Then in next you have to click on “New Customer”, if you are buying this Domain for the first time and then you can see “Billing Form” where you need to fill up your real information (Use Your Real Identity). On This Page, you need to enter your Name & Address Information, Account Information, and Payment Information.

4.   Then, In Payment Information, choose what method you will use to pay for GoDaddy. It may be NetBanking, Credit or Debit Card.

5. Click on Continue Button.  The next Step is your Payment Method. If you want to use Credit Card & Debit Card, then it is necessary to enter Card Number, Expire Date and CVV Code and in next step, they will redirect you to secure JSP Page where you can enter your 3D Secure Code and your payment is done and order is placed.

6. Now at last you can review your information and order details. Now yours Domain is successfully registered in GoDaddy.

Conclusion: So, this was the step by step tutorial to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy. In case, if you find problem in purchasing a domain; we are here to help you out in any situation.