Songs That Will Make You Hungry

Radha Dwivedi
Jul 11, 2019   •  11 views

Indians love food whether it’s wedding or pageant, one thing this is critical is FOOD! Bollywood knows this thoroughly and that’s the motive not the story nor the lead are crucial but best FOOD!

Check out a few hilarious songs which show that Bollywood can’t stay without food.

1.songs on beverages: Well, we all are obessed with beverages but I think our music directors are more obsessed with the chai and coffee that they have made not one but more than one songs on them.

the song “ek garam chai ki pyali ho” totally nailed with salman khan dance and anu mallik’s special voice! Tara Rumpum pum…Jhim Pakapum.. Tara Rumpum Pum..C’mon you can sing that

tere sang ek simple si coffe bhi kick deti hai” from zameen movie starring bipasha basu and Abhishek bachchan. The music of this song is really amazing and whenever I listen this song I enjoy a lot.

“Ankhein coffee peetey peety” from the movie gabbar is back. I think this is the only song which is justifying the lyrics.

2. The mirchi songs:

hai hai mirchi” from movie biwi no.1 and “mohabbat hai mirchi” from movie churaliya hai tumne. I really enjoy these two mirchi songs…but the mirchi does not make any sense. Why they have compared mirchi with mohabbat?.

3.The bhelpuri song:

main toh raste se ja raha tha ,

bhelpuri kha raha tha,

ladki ghuma raha tha…..

tujheko mirchi laggi toh

main kya karun…………………..”

poor karishma if the bhel puri is too spicy what else can govinda do. Tell your music director not to make too spicy songs. This song makes no sense.

4.The chocolate songs:

Chocolate, lime juice, ice cream, toffeeya

Pehle jaise abb mere shauk hain kaha

Gudiya khilone meree saheliya

Abb mujhe lagatee hain saree paheliya

Yeh kaun sa mod hai umrr kaa...........”

I don’t like this movie. This song is as pathetic as this movie.

5. the ice cream song:

Ice Cream Khaungi

Kashmir Jaaungi

Sholo Mein Bhadke Jiyaa”

In the Himesh Reshamiya movie, this song created a flutter all over. Well, no one could understand what is the link between eating ice cream and traveling to Kashmir? I don’t know what Shabir Ahmed the lyricist must be thinking while he was penning down these words.

6.The jalebi song :

malika sherawat starring “jalebi bai “ song has totally changed the definition of jalebi in this song.

7.Ande ka funda :

If there was no egg, there would have been no chicken, without chicken there wouldn’t have been parties, without parties there wouldn’t have been any romance, without romance there would have been no life. You get eggs from chicken, chickens from eggs; whether in Patna or Bhatinda, in every home you get eggs. Oh god!!!!!!.......