Fashion Trend That Makes No Sense

Radha Dwivedi
Jul 19, 2019   •  81 views
  1. Shorts that show your butt

Please, I really don’t wanna see your cheeks. I get the concept of short shorts but this is too far.

2. patchy shirt

I mean, I really don’t get it.

  • 1 or 2 Patches-Shirt is gone, can’t use it anymore

  • Shirt full of patches- Its the latest fashion bro.

I think people are forgetting the purpose behind why we actually wear clothes. Does this cover your body parts? Will one be comfortable wearing it ? On top of that does it really give you a decent look? Yeah… it gives you one thing for sure.People’s attention!!!

3.Long shirts
No, I don’t mean longsleevedshirts, I mean long shirts. Take a look at the guy below. Why on earth does he need an extra three cubic metres of fabric on his shirt?

4.“Thicc” butts

Kim K used to have a normal-sized booty like everybody else. Now look at how ridiculous it looks perched on top of those slim legs!! Fair enough if you have a naturally peachy butt, but I just don’t get why you would fake it when the result just looks bizarre.

5.Backwards Shirts

Finally, the most impractical spring fashion trend has to be the backward shirt. It’s one thing to look like you’re a little disheveled, but it’s another thing entirely to look like you got dressed with your eyes closed. Ignore the advice of anyone who says turning your shirt around will give you a “whole new look” – just spend a few extra dollars on another shirt.

6.Wearing super tight anything

And this too

Seriously, I genuinely want to know why a guy would wear skinny fit trousers or pants or jeans. It's so uncomfortable. What purpose does it serve? It might look good on runway models but it doesn't look good on most of us. If you have skinny legs, you look like a chicken,if you have muscular legs and calves, it looks weird. Why would any guy bear so much discomfort,I fail to understand. And now a days these trousers are so much colorful. I am not talking about normal red or blue but eye popping shoking bright yellow or flourecent green or red,oh the horror,and I have seen guys walking down the streets flaunting those. If I may quote Phoebe Buffay here-"my eyes,MY EYES!!!!”

7.Clear Boots:
I mean what are these even. They look like feet covered in plastic wrap.

Bad version of rubber boots. And according to Seventeen, it really gets worse when you wear it for a long time as it gets steamed up by the heat and sweat released by body and look something like this

8.Hip Rip Jeans:
I am okay with ripped jeans but this is something that cannot be pulled off by any person in day to day life except of course Kylie. You can wear thigh high rips on jeans like anytime, it's nbd and it's chill tbh. But this will surely get your butt the extra attention and stares. It's lame girls, don't make it a trend. Just wear hot pants.