Films That Have Destroyed Bollywood Actors' Careers?

Radha Dwivedi
Jul 18, 2019   •  57 views
  1. Karz

Victim – Himesh Reshammiya
He ought to have adhered to singing. No. He ought to have adhered to… … .uh… … .a standard occupation some place darken.


Victim – Prashant Raj

Most likely the best lament of Bollywood in the entirety of its history, Ram Gopal Varma's AAG was a debacle in the most genuine sense. Furthermore, Prashant Raj had the hardship of being presented in this film.
I am almost certain not a ton of you perusers even review his face, not to mention his name.

3.Film – Neal N Nikki

Victim –Tanishaa Mukerji

In spite of the fact that Tanishaa was not by any stretch of the imagination a star around then , however this film guaranteed that she could never have even a somewhat effective profession in Bollywood regardless of being Kajol's sister. While ourmuch cherished Uday Chopra Ji still figures out how to get his Quota of"Dhoom'moviesthanks to family associations.No big surprise , she just dida bunch of obscure motion pictures in Bollywood and south after this pearl of a motion picture. She was as of late found in the seventh period of Big Boss..

4. Film- Hiss

Victim - Malika Sherawat

This was the last significant film wherein she was seen. The filmwasboring plain , and brimming with plot-gaps despite the fact that it had a slight Hollywood flavor to it.But what truly demolished the motion picture was her acting . Her job was simply not relatable to the group of spectators , it was exaggerating, best case scenario.

Thus, presently we just get tosee her creation appearances at Cannes festivalswith her excessively american complemented English.
5.Film- Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)

Victim- Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam... This name doesn't ring a chime the extent that acting is concerned. One of the most successful musicians in Bollywood with more than 400 tunes credited to his name began his acting profession with Jaani Dushman and ended it with this motion picture too.

He was generally appreciated by the commentators for his job as Vivek Saxena in this motion picture. The exaggerating, sorry excessively reasonable acting was simply out of the world and his discourse conveyance and articulations were unbelievably tasteless. Sonu Nigam did what was best for him and returned to singing melodies.
6.Film- Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002) Again !!

Victim- Armaan Kohli

Sonu Nigam... This name doesn't ring a ring the degree that acting is concerned. One of the best artists in Bollywood with in excess of 400 tunes credited to his name started his acting calling with Jaani Dushman and finished it with this movie as well.

He was commonly valued by the observers for his activity as Vivek Saxena in this film. The overstating, sorry too much sensible acting was just out of the world and his talk transport and verbalizations were unimaginably dull. Sonu Nigam did what was best for him and come back to singing songs.
7.MSG 2 the Messenger

Victim- Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (Question mark on whether he is really an actor or not)

To a greater extent a social chief than of an on-screen character his endeavor of making a visual perfect work of art which would likewise have a social message tankedhorribly and wound up being the object everything being equal.

This film was extraordinary in reality as with the exception of the on-screen characters, everything else was finished by this one manand he showed usan precious exercise . Try not to put all your investments tied up on one place.

Generally your motion picture will look likethe delayed consequence of what occurs after you expend drugs . The film was that awful, trust me! He didn't make any more artful culminations a short time later.
8.Film- Himmatwala

Victim- Tammanah Bhatia

She was a genuine Himmatwali (braveheart ) to do such an uncouth film. This film guaranteed that her acting profession was just limited to South Indian movies.

Her acting was simply alright however the film exacerbated it look than it truly was. She didn't include in another Bollywood motion picture a short time later. Miracle why she did such a film?
9. Papa Kehte Hai (1996)

Victim- Jugal Hansraj

One of the most Handsome on-screen characters ever , Jugal Hansraj had a fairly terrible vocation till now. This film tumbled becauseof immense expectationsas it had been upheld by Mahesh Bhatt.

His blending with Mayuri Kango neglected to make the enchantment of Mahesh Bhatt's prior film Aashiqui. It turned into a film industry flop and since this motion picture he was seen uniquely in Mohabbateinand later in Pyaar Impossible.

His lone flaw was that he was excessively attractive and that lead him to be pigeonholed as a sentimental film saint which in the end lea to his ruin.

10. Deshdrohi

Victim – Kamaal Rashid Khan (there is still some debate whether he is an actor or not)

He needed to make a film that was totally founded on what he thought was correct. The discoursed sucked thus did the entire motion picture, and individuals watch it as a satire motion picture instead of an "activity" motion picture as it is advertised.

In fact, his profession isn't generally over in light of the fact that he can in any case produce motion pictures since he has a great deal of money, yet his vocation was over when it discharged.
This is one motion picture I don't need to expound on here. It was terrible. That is all

11. Dehdrohi – again

Victim – Gracy Singh

It takes an extremely uncommon motion picture to sink numerous vocations. Deshdrohi is one of them.

Furthermore, for individuals who don't recollect Gracy Singh, she played the wonderful love enthusiasm of Bhuvan in Lagaan. And furthermore assumed a decent job in Munnabhai MBBS. At that point, Deshdrohi occurred.
Bye Gracy!