Reasons Why Korean Culture Is On The Rise

Priyasha Dureja
Jun 10, 2019   •  280 views

In a very short time, Korean culture is rising. Not only in a country like the US or UK, but in India and other countries as well.

If we talk about a country like India, most of the teenagers are excited on k-pop, K-dramas, not only because of the cute and pretty faces they have, but because of the acting and the characters of those actors. Besides this, there are other reasons as well, why Korean culture is a wave now.

Let's know more about it:

Korean Dramas

From boys to flowers to my ID is gangnam beauty, every korean drama or popularly known as K-Drama is amazing. Not only if we talk about actors but the storyline of these shows are amazing. Although, there might be some shows whose plot may not be good enough, but how they bind the audience to stick to the last episode of the show is wonderful. Korean dramas has different genre which are all different and good. Apart from this, they are educational too. They tell you more about Korean culture, values and day-to-day life.

2. Music and K-Pop

The theme song of K-Drama is something which is stuck to your mind even when the show is over. Not only this, the other songs in these shows are always related. The soft and melodious music is why teenagers are preferring these songs.

If we talk about K-Pop, then it has become a teen sensation. Ask someone who is not aware of BTS? They may not know the full form, but I am sure they are aware of this K-Pop band.

3) Food

The food of Korea is tasty and delicious. Besides this, they have a huge variety of food as well. Kimchi, bibimbap, and bulgogi are favoured by many around the world. Also, the Korean food is a very well balanced cuisine. Food is also generously marketed in Korean dramas.

4) Clothes and Fashion

If we talk about trends in fashion nowadays, Korean fashion is on the rise. Well again, thanks to K-drama and K-Pop who are showing different types of clothes worn by both males as well as females. Also, the trend they follow can be easily available in any store in Korea and outside Korea. These are attractive as well as trendy.

5) Tourism

Because of all the above reasons, The tourism in South Korean is increasing. Whether it is actors, food or any other thing, Korea is making its place. The recent popularity of Korean popular culture, often known as the "Korean Wave", in these countries has increased tourist arrivals.

These are some of the reasons why Korean culture is rising day by day. Also, thanks to advertising and marketing too, which are helping Korean culture to rise.



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Korean girls are so cute 😍 I'm always ready to be a pet of one.
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Korea has started loving Indian Culture as well