The best camera is the one which is always with you and it is your phone camera which is always with, so the best camera is your phone camera. Your phone camera helps you to snap the most unexpected moments while you are traveling, hanging out or just viewing the beautiful sunset. With mobile photography, you have a lot of editing apps that help you to make your dull pictures amazing and bright. Phone photography has accelerated the creative process, as well as allows you to be more creative. Because of phone photography, you do not need to buy a fancy camera, editing software or invest some serious time to learn how all this software works.

Some phone photography hacks may help you to accelerate your photo quality and make in incredible.

Use gridlines to balance your shots

Every mobile phone has gridline access and it is the most useful and easiest way to balance your shot. You just have to go to settings of the camera and turn on the gridline setting. There is theory related to the gridline which named as “rule of thirds”, it is a photographic composition principle which simply suggests that an image should be broken into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so that you have nine parts in total. If you place points of focus along the lines, your photo will be more balanced and leveled.

Set your camera focus

These days phone cameras automatically adjust there focus but it is really important to focus on the foreground of your frame whenever you click a photo. You can also use the sharpen edit feature that cameras have, to get more focus on the specific subject. Just open your camera and click on the screen wherever you want the focus.

Embrace negative space

“Negative space” is the space which surrounds the object of picture. The negative space can make the photo from good to great. If you add a lot of space in your photo your subject will automatically stand out more and gives a stronger vibe to the viewer. The negative space can be an open sky or a wall or a large empty field.

Find different angles

Taking photos from an unexpected angle can make them unique and more memorable. Angles create an illusion and depth in the subject. A unique angle makes the shot stands out. You can try upward and downward angles to indulge negative space in it and to make it more stand out. There is an app called SKRWT photo editing app which helps to make the lines look cleaner.

Try to play with reflections

Try to capture the sky reflected in any body of water, or any monument or tree reflecting in the water. You can also do it with mirrors, glasses and metallic surfaces a lot more.

Use leading lines

If you see, there are some photos in which there’s a line that draws the viewer’s eye towards the photo. These lines make the picture in motion. The lines can be circular or straight, zigzag, like a staircase or a pathway in the forest, and roads. It creates a sense of depth in a picture and also makes the image specially plotted.

7.You can also do some other things like trying to capture things in some symmetry and a repetitive pattern. You can do color blocking, some play with black and white and bold colors, there are apps too for this. Also, try to avoid zooming in the photos as it has torn the picture quality. Capture small details, use natural light to capture any image.