Everybody in their life went to tuition and extra classes after school to study, or we can say to waste their parent’s money and to enjoy their early life. Tuitions are meant to be enjoyed.

The time when I used to go to tuitions, my batch used to start at 4 pm, the best time to sleep but instead I had to get up and go to tuitions. I had two tuitions, one for maths and one for science. On my way to tuitions, I was usually very sleepy, I didn't even notice what was going on around me. But on my way from tuition to home I used to have the most fascinating and adventures journey.

I never came home straightaway; it felt like I have been enjoying a meal of life. you know streets full of stationery shops, grocery shops, and candy shops. It seemed like those shops were meant for me to buy. Whenever I bought something from these shops, I felt like I own them. I stopped by every shop on my way to buy something every day. I mostly ate bhelpuri in the market. I admired the clothes in the market; I might get to wear them one day because I was too small at that time to wear those clothes. It took me more than one hour to reach home because I walk slower than a snail ,in the market; I took one hour to complete thirty minutes route. Those were the best days of my life.

In tuition, I have done a lot of crazy things. I had never solved a single question; I was okay at maths but never interested in doing it. Maths was not my cup of tea. I studied science decently and enjoying examining it.

When I came back from classes, it was my home which was last in the row. There was a house in which a man lived; I don’t know how, but he knew my schedule of coming back from tuition, and he also knew my schedule of coming back from school. Sometimes he tried to follow me, but I always came back home with my cousins. So, when I came back home, he usually stood in his balcony and stared at me until I passed the whole time. I used to bow my head down and cross the road. It was irritating to see this daily, but it was the only route to my home. I complained about this to my dad, and he went to his house to complaint to the man’s parents. After this I never saw him standing in the balcony on my way home.

I truly enjoyed my childhood by doing such joyful things. Have you done anything like this?



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Nicely Written. Well Done. These writing is so much relatable of our life as I am also Indian, And have experienced it.Check my Wrytups too.