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Hyderabad never failed to amaze its visitor. It is the Capital city of Telangana, famous for its mouth-watering biryani and shiny jewellery. The markets of Hyderabad will fetch you quality products at a cheaper rate. You will keep coming to the shop once visited. The unique aura is beyond your attempt to study the entire Hyderabadi Culture. Prior to visiting Hyderabad you must be acquainted with product, price and place you should choose for a successful shopping in Hyderabad.

1. Laad Baazar



Laad Baazar is flooded with bangles and other ornamental stuff. This market is also called Choodi Bazaar in the popular tongue. The market is densely crowded and car and autorickshaw are banned in the place, so to explore Choodi Bazaar take a walk through out the lane or use a motorcycle. Furnish your bargaining skills and visit the place with someone who knows the nook and corner of the place to avoid getting lost. Bargaining is the soul of this market. Laad Bazaar is solely famous for bangles of any variety, especially the Lacquer Bangles from which the market name originates. This market is located on the west side of Charminar.

Time to Visit: 11 AM to 10.30 PM

2. Char Minar Bazaar



It is one of the stylists choice to buy jewellery in Char Minar Bazaar. The place is famous for Barsa pearl. You can prefer whether you want it to get embellished in gold or silver.

You can also buy indigenous items like Ethnic Saree, Hyderabad Khaddi Dupatta, Sherwani and so on, the market is perfect for a fashion designer.

Timing: The Char Minar Bazaar is open from 10 AM to 6 PM

3. Moazzam Jahi Market



This place started as a fruit market in Hyderabad but now known as Moazzam Jahi Market. The market was built by Nizam himself in the year 1935 using imported granite stone. Nizam bought fruits from the market full of exotic variety. In the later stage of selling the fruitsellers started selling ammunition. Nizam also purchased bullets and haunting gears for his haunting voyage.

Nowadays people earn living by selling fruits, vegetables, goat, meat, chicken and Ice Cream. The Ice cream of Moazzam Jahi Market is explicitly sweet and lip-smacking. Besides all these foods the market has its fascinating historical value.
Location: Old Kattal Mandi

Time: Opens 10 AM closes 11.30 PM

4. Begum Bazaar



It’s a well-settled bazar in the city but its inception is 150 years back. The market is renowned for tobacco, yet you can buy cosmetics, household products, perfumes, home decor, gold, silver, kitchen essentials and fish at a reasonable price. The Indian wear lovers must visit the place on a weekend. Having a good bargaining skill will never disappoint you here and if don’t have, you are likely to get looted in Begum Bazaar.

Time: 10 AM to 12 PM
Location: Naya Pul Bridge

5. Koti



It is the oldest market way back to 200 years in Hyderabad. The crowd in the market will be crystal clear and the fight for the jewellery and clothes is an ever known fact of Koti Market. It’s a fashion icon in the entire city. The market has all from junk jewellery to precious stone. The shops in Koti Market sell traditional clothes from all over the country. It has the latest collection of women’s wear through street shopping. You will savour the whole day here while your shopping in Hyderabad. The mind-boggling shopping offers in Koti will keep your hands full of bags for sure.

Time: Opens at 10 AM closes at 6 PM
Location: Koti Street

6. Nampally



The market offers you the pinnacle kinds of shoes, wallet, bags, clothes, jewellery, purses and bangles. The shopping in Hyderabad is incomplete without exploring Nampally. This market is popular for Kalamkari Fabric, Electronics and traditional Indian wears. Nampally has stock of all these items.

Numiash Exhibition from December to January will take you through a voyage. You will be surprised to get all your imaginable necessaries here at a remarkable price. The pocket does not need to be hot to spend on the products here and also you can save some money on this street shopping.

Time: Opens 10 AM to 12 PM

7.Tobacco Bazaar



All your necessaries will be fulfilled in Tobacco Bazaar situated at MG Road. There are about 300 shops to be explored here. Earlier it started as a lane with a few shops. Have surplus cash and patience if the plan is with your other half. The market is 60 years old but still rocks for its best fabric display in the entire state.

You will for sure go to every other outlet for poochampally, kurtas, brocade, dupattas, salwar kameezes, Chiffon and blouses. The focus should be on quality shirts, trousers and the perfect fabric, and Tobacco Bazaar will never disappoint you for the same provided you should have a sense of quality check.

Time: Opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM

8. Hyderabad Perfum



There is a separate perfume market in between Laad Bazaar and Moti Chowk. The business of perfumes is passing from ancestors. The ittar (local language) or fragrance will lead you to the market, you don’t need to search the destination. Buy glass bottles of perfume made locally from this Nawabi town to take your home. It’s a fancy choice to buy perfume with absorbable oil.

9. Pot Market



This market in Secunderabad will amaze you for the accessories. You can not only expensive artificial jewellery here but also garments, vegetables and fruits. Apart from pots, there are other utensils on sale you can buy. The place is popular for clothes, jewellery and diamond.
Time: Opens 9 AM to 6 PM
Location: Shivaji Nagar

10. Sunday Book Bazaar



All the bookworms are welcome to Sunday Book Bazaar in Hyderabad. The market not only sells books but also buys old used books from the people. You will get old editions of different books, second-hand books in this Sunday Book Market.
Time: Opens at 9.30 AM and closes at 4 PM.



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