I’ve waited for him for so long. In love, we do such crazy things to get our love. This is what I’ve done to get my love back. I’ve waited for him with the fear in my eyes that does he even wants me; I don’t want to found my self wrong because of waiting for him unconditionally. Waiting for his one message or call seems to be waiting for rain in a drought. The time was hardly by my side. I was dreamed about him, getting a call from his side every night. But I’m holding myself back until the time was right, I held up my self until the very first drop of rain touched the earth to break the drought to make it feel safe and joyful.

I’ve been counting the days since we’ve been apart. Day after day, we were getting miles apart. But now I found my way back to your heart. The very first sign was that one day I get that video call at midnight, the call I had dreamed about, just to make me confirm that he was also waiting for me and came back to me when the time was right. It was the sign that I still occupied my way back to his heart; no one can ever change that.

Waiting for the right time to come, I have been searching for him everywhere, in every part of life. I know the fact that his heart is mine, but still, I am madly searching for him everywhere. Calling him in the hope of talking to him but he was never there. He left me alone like I am no one to him. I’ve waited for him in the dark in the hope that one day he'll make it shine.

I’ve built high walls to cover up to me so that no one can see me, but he was the reason that they have fallen down. And now, being with him, I am not alone anymore, and this was the reason I have waited for. Now I am not afraid of anything anymore because of him and he was the one I have waited for. You know the love now I am feeling; I have been searching for this feeling for a long time and he was the reason I am searching for and he was the reason I am waited for. I know that when the time is right, I will meet him who will make me shine, and now the time has come. I guess he was waited too, to fall in love with me again. If he has expected for me also, I want to tell him that, I can be all he needs, I won’t ever leave, and we’d stay together for eternity, and that is the reason I have waited for. This is the reason I have waited so long.



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Your word is my favorite sound, your name is my favorite word, your Hug is my favorite site. 😘