Who does not love shoes? I guess at least fifty per cent of the people love footwear After diamond if there is anything that is pure happiness then its shoes. I'm one totally a shoe-obsessed person.

If we lived by Carrie Bradshaw's rules, then there is nothing called too many shoes.

I totally loved the scene from "SEX IN THE CITY" that Carrie Bradshaw was proposed by a sexy pair of shoes instead of a ring. That's how much I'm smitten with shoes.

Of course, we are not Carrie Bradshaw, not we are so rich. So let me just point out some classic shoes every shoe lover must have to make your soul and clothes look perfect.

1. Classic pumps

Pumps are the most versatile kind of shoes. Every woman must add these basic nude or black pumps to your shoe collection. It goes with every kind of clothes and every kind of occasion right from work to party. They look so classy and elegant

2. Flats

Flip flops, flats are a must. This footwear is casual with so much adaptability. You definitely want this footwear when you are lazy enough or when you just wanna relax your foot. Not every day is for fancy shoes. Sometimes comfy is good.

3. Sneakers

Sneakers can never go out of style. Apart from the style, they are the comfiest footwear. Perfect for your daily look with any kind of dress. Sneakers can go with any costume and look perfect.

4. Boots

During fall and winter months boots are a must. Either in brown or black boots look classy. There are knee-length and ankle-length boots. Though Knee-length boots are classic and go to. It adds comfort and chic to your outfit and warmness to your feet in winter.

5. Heels/wedges

Every woman should have a pair of heels and wedges to pass her days- party, brunch, date, work anything. Firstly, heels are sophisticated and also makes you look taller. A good pair of heels can do wonders to your outfit. I know with those pinpointed heels it really makes us difficult to walk easily. That's why also consider wedges. They come to your rescue to make your outfit complete with comfort, easy and casual.