Vitamin C or commonly known as ascorbic acid is an essential nutrient for the body. Be it healing wounds, help stabilize blood pressure or reducing the risk of chronic diseases or friendly vitamin is always there for our rescue. Easily available in most common fruits and vegetables such as Orange, lime, and grapefruit, the citrus nature helps in balancing the vitamin level in the body.

Here the best benefits of Vitamin Cfor you :

  • Stabilizes High Blood pressure

Are you a person with high blood pressure? Has the doctor prescribe a long list of medicines to keep your BP in check, then worry not. With the current lifestyle, more than one-third population in India suffers from high BP and runs at a high risk of stroke and heart diseases.

Vitamin C supplements are easily available in the market and studies to have shown relatively lower BP after the consumption. Although patients should not only rely on this and treat it as a home remedy to keep your BP in check.

  • Boosts Immunity :

This might be one of the main reasons why people consume vitamin C.Once you start taking this vitamin, it helps in the formation of white blood cells known as lymphocytes which in turn helps the body to fight against infection. Furthermore, it also helps the white blood cells to protect themselves against attack from any outside ailment.

  • Helps against Iron Deficiencies

Iron, which is again the main nutrient needed by the body is responsible to carry the oxygen throughout the body. When you start taking Vitamin C tablets, it helps the body to better absorb the iron in your body especially for people who do not consume meat in their diet thus helping in better absorption of iron in your body.

  • Strong Antioxidant

By now, we know that Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that improves our body’s defenses.It helps the body fight against the outside infections and germs by increasing the antioxidant levels in the blood to fight the various free radicals looking to harm the body.

Pro Tip : You can make the below Vitamin C smoothie :

So, next time if you have blood pressure on the higher side, feeling a little uneasy or just want to enjoy citrus and lemony juice, just remember Vitamin C is your friend to go.