Somehow I managed to get home. It was 1:00 am,without giving much of the thought to the incident,I slept. Next morning I woke up startled. The big question was what about today? Should I go? Even if I don't, for how long will I be able to escape. Bitter truth! So I decided let's face it and if there is something to dig,won't take step back. Afterall "Every road has it's destination".

I packed my stuff and went for the work. That red light arrived which encountered me last night in not so usual form. I stopped over there and my eyes were constantly looking for someone,you all know. I was shocked from top to bottom and how on earth can she be real?How can she be alive? I saw that same girl which appeared last night. She was poorly dressed and anyone could make out that she is a tramp. She was banging everyones door for asking money. I was stunned seeing all this. It was like a illusion for me. 'Someone who does not belong to this world is actually present in front of my eyes'. She did the same with me as well and said:

'Sahab kuch paise de do,bhagvan apka bhala kre'.

I asked: beta ap pehle to kabhi dikhe nhi?

She said: haan, ham log aj hi aye hein sahab!

I verified: beta apko pakka yad h ki ap log aj hi aye ho? Kl.. I stopped as I don't want her to put in any psychological trouble.

She replied: haan haan sahb!

The light turns green,she went and so do I with infinite number of unanswered questions.

Whole day long I tried to figure out as what's exactly happening. Due to work load,I stayed up for long and checked my watch, it said quarter to 12. I drove my car out and reached to that area again where I first met with that ghostly alive girl.

What I saw over there was something out of this world...