Yea, You're On Wrytin, you may or may not know what it is.
So here I am Pranav the writer of this wrytup on this Wrytin website
This is a website for blogger and reader like Us who like to not only spread and share our knowledge but also like to appreciate the work of others.

This is a great initiative taken for budding blogger and also people who like blogging as a hobby.

Blogging is not only just writing something and publishing.

Its about writing your thoughts, your knowledge, your experience, then
Sharing it with others so they can benefit from it then
Accepting both appreciation and criticism then
Correcting your flaws and writing a new Wrytup then
Then what, its a cycle it starts again.

Why to write a blog

Totally your wish if you want to write a blog or not. Some people like it as a hobby, some make it a carrier and for some its just a way of experssing their thoughts, openion, suggestion about a particular topic, or an incident.

How to write a blog :-

1) First of all the niche/ topic that you're writing on.

2) Content, the most important key of any blog, it should not be copied, you can take ideas from anywhere but cannot copy it if you want to be a good blogger.

3) The Apperence, the presentation like we used to do in our board exams so that the examiner will fell give same way the examiner here is the audiance.

4) Add pictures , your own remarks, some funny things like writer's comment, edit well to make it more interesting but that doesn't mean you always have to do this.

5) Do a good ending so that the person who reads your blog will share it, like it and read your next blog.

Tips for writing blog :-

1) Use fancy words but not too fancy that the reader has to google it.

2) Be consistent and Be Ready to face any criticism.
3) Do research related to your topic to make your content informative.
4) Try to connect to your audiance.

To help Blogger like youselves this site is created.
Wrytin, developed by a group of people who want to change how people read and write blogs.
Other websites like Wo.... have problems like :-
1) Ads -They were full of animated and moving ads that hinder the reading experience.
2) Slow -They were heavy and slow, and took a lot of time to load even on good network, so you can imagine their performance on slower networks.

3) Not optimized for mobile -Most of the existing blogs were designed keeping the desktop in mind and hence they don't provide a good user experience on mobile.

4)Just for Reading -These websites failed their purpose as a reading avenue, as they did not pay attention to the design, as a blogger on blogspot i manually had to make it appealing on blogger.

Some advantafes of Wrytin,
1) lets bloggers reach an interested audience
2) lets readers find interesting content while solving all the above problems.
3) You can login and start writing blogs to start getting discovered.
4) Creator Awards Programme - For appreciating the talented creators who adds value to this platform.

By this I would like to end my Blog, thank you for reading and
Have a nice day.




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can i choose any topic?
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