How Juvenile Crime Can Be Reduced In India

Jan 31, 2019   •  11 views

Time's changed! Candies have transformed into drugs, toys into guns and pencils into knives and the topic of juvenile crime has become a much talked about topic of the present world. Children are unable to identify what's right and what's wrong and are taking support of criminal activities to run away from the shortfalls in life. A shocking incident took place in the month of January in which a class 12th boy from Haryana shot his school principal with a revolver just because of the fear of the fact that his principal would complain to his father about his poor academic record. What's more distressing is that this boy is notalone, he's followed by thousands of children of his age and below. It is imperative that this issue is debated on and found solutions to.

In the present generation when education is given more emphasis upon than any other thing in the world, cases of child crime seem to silence all those who consider education as the peace maker. Wealways say that "Education is the key", "Education is the answer", "Education is the path to success", but when we come across incidents of students committing suicides, attempting murders and becoming drug addicts then education might appear to be diminishing as an answer. The question arises, Aren't these students educated? Of course they are! So what is actually lacking here which makes them perpetrate such criminal activities? Is it education? No! The answer is MORAL VALUES, which should be instilled within people at a very young age by their parents.

Our parents are our first school and our first teachers. It is the utmost responsibility of the parents to inculcate moral values and provide proper guidance and care to their children so that the child develops a responsible character and theeducation that he/she attains from school could prove to be fruitful to him/her in future. The case discussed above about the class 12th boy from Haryana is a perfect example of bad parenting and lack of care from the parents' side. Not just this! Implementing workshops and various courses ofpersonality development for the students as well as the parents could also prove to be an effective solution. Every young person is different and deserves support that is specifically tailored to them. For example, an aggressive person can be ordered to attend a course to learn how to cope with and control aggression.If provided the correct guidance then even major causes like poverty can't help these children from becoming criminals.

It becomes the duty of the parents to provide the proper education and warmth to their kids and if not then I'm afraid, even civilised people like us could become criminals with no dreams and no deeds, far away from the springs of life.