4 Reasons Why Dhoni Should Play Beyond Cwc'19

Feb 02, 2019   •  27 views

A personality which is often praised for its lightning fast stumpings and game finishing ability is facing a lot of criticism at the moment and a lot of fans are making assumptions regarding his retirement from international cricket after the world cup.

Here are some reasons why I think we need Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the Indian squad even after the world cup.

1. Captain Cool

This, indeed is a point by which all Indian fans are familiar with. A person who has led the team for nearly a decade will, for sure, be a blessing for Virat Kohli to get advices from.

Experience always comes before skill, talent and determination. Though MS has it all but still his experience is what matters the most at the present scenario to the team. We often notice Virat turning to Dhoni for advice in the middle of games and as long as it happens the presence of Dhoni is required in the Indian squad.

2. Team lacks maturity

The Indian team stepping into the world cup is a young, talented side having the likes of Jasprit Bumrah, Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal. Sometimes it feels like we will have a competent side even if Dhoni is not playing. But we are wrong. We have to understand that the current Indian team is a talented bunch but a immature one. By saying immature, I mean to say that the young players despite of being super talented are not mature enough to handle pressure in case they have to chase a big total or defend a small target. In this case, the absence of an experienced person can lead to serious consequences.

Let's take an example of the Sri Lankan team. At one phase, the Sri Lankan side was a dominant team having experienced players like Sangakara, Jaywardene and Dilshan. In the year 2015, all three of them retired from all forms of cricket. This in my context, was not a right move by the three players as they should have spent some more time in the team supporting young talent. But right after the three of them retired, Sri Lanka was left with a young, talented but inexperienced side due to which the side struggled against all teams, as a consequence of which, the team is finding its place at the bottom of the points table in all formats.

We don't want this to happen with Team India.

3. He is still fit

Wether we talk about his physical or mental fitness, Dhoni has excelled in both. Even at the age of 37, he is in great shape and is still running quite fast between the wickets. He is contributing much more than what we could expect from a person who is approaching towards his 40s. Despite of the workload he has had been going through throughout his career his determination hasn't reduced a bit.

4. He is back in form

Unlike his disappointing phase in 2018, he is doing extremely well with the bat at the moment. After him scoring three consecutive fiftees against Australia and a quickfire 48* against New Zealand in the second ODI it is evident that he is coming back to form game after game and he will not stop here, but will take successful run to the world cup and even beyond.