Reasons To Choose Plasma Cutting Over Traditional Cutting Methods

Plasma Cut
Apr 23, 2020   •  4 views

A popular process to cut steel, plasma cutting, is performed with the help of a plasma torch. In this process, a nozzle blows gas at a high speed and the metal is melted by an electrical arc. Compared to traditional manual cutting or oxygen-acetylene torch cutting, plasma cutting offers a cleaner cut. This is why it is the preferred option by most industries at present. If you are in need of quality steel cutting services, consider contacting steel fabrication companies with a plasma cutter in Gauteng. (Info Source

So, what are the reasons that make plasma cutting superior to traditional cutting methods?

High-quality cut with precision

Making a clean cut is not easy; you can only expect it from an experienced operator. If you want to manufacture a good-quality product, then you require clean-cut steel components. The biggest advantage of using a plasma cutter is that it can make precise cuts. It is especially useful when it comes to cutting complex shapes in different shapes and angles.

Efficient cutting

If the speed of a plasma cutter is compared with any other cutting tool, then you will notice that the plasma cutter is way faster, thanks to its brilliant piercing speed. It is also a lot easier to use when compared to any other cutting equipment. With a plasma cutter, you can have a large number of steel cuts ready in about one-fourth of the time taken by other cutting tools. Moreover, the tool does not need to be preheated before it is used to cut steel, which saves more time.

Easy and convenient to use

A plasma cutter is portable. Therefore, they can be moved from one place to another with ease. Some of them are so light that it takes only one person to carry them. Additionally, operating a plasma cutter does not require more than one operator. The easy use of this tool is what makes it popular.


A plasma cutter is not only capable of cutting steel, but it can also be used on different types of metal. The electric arc can cut any metal with utmost precision. For example, you can contact plasma companies offering plasma cutter services in Gauteng if you need to cut any metal among iron, brass, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and more.

Safety reasons

Unlike other cutting processes, a plasma cutter does not use highly flammable gas. Therefore, using it is far safer than other methods. By enhancing safety, plasma cutting companies can enhance efficiency as well.

Low-cost cutting

The precise cutting of a plasma cutter reduces waste during steel fabrication and its efficiency saves a lot of time. Moreover, the amount of labour and time lost due to on-the-job injuries is also significantly reduced, as the method is very safe. As such, this is a very cost-effective method and thus, is used by most steel fabrication companies.

Due to these reasons, it is always better to choose companies offering plasma cutter services in Gauteng than companies using traditional methods of cutting.