Technology- One Can't Live Without

Pina Bansal
Apr 30, 2019   •  85 views

Technology in India is growing at a very great speed. Nowadays no one can live without technology. And by the word 'technology' , what strikes first in everyone's mind is Internet.

Every individual wants smart phones with internet connection. Without this, its like their life is frozen. Think, for one day you are not having your cellphone with you. And now the questions which revolves around in your head are - What would I do without my phone? How will I contact anyone? What if there are important messages of someone and how will i reply them?

Yes, these are the basic questions that will come in an individual's mind if he is not having his mobile phone for just one day.

Today, andriod mobile plays a vital role in our daily lives. We are totally dependent on it. For eating, workout and several things we set reminders. For studying, the teachers provide digital notes rather than books.

Through internet and technology ,to an extent, our life is improving but it has overpowered us.

In early times, machines were made and controlled by humas, but one day will come were humans would be controlled by the machines they made.

Yes, this is shocking but true.
Technology has more cons then pros. We spend 70% of our day in using phones. Though every work is done online, people use several apps for there work. For job people use apps like Internshala, LinkedIn, , instead of meeting relatives at coffee shops, people use social media sites, video calls, voice chats for catch-up.

Technology has made us far from our family. Now, at home instead of calling by names we make phone call from one room to another. The people are so dependent on technology that they do not want to do physical activity. This also affects our health in many ways.

Though technology is an important part of our life, but we should utilize it in a proper manner. Limited usage of everything is safe and secure.