We live in a dynamic society, everything seems to get updated. From studying under the shadow of a giant tree to moving into classrooms with an AC to having projectors and finally studying in a classroom with the help of a smart class which over shadows the traditional methods of teaching that were followed for years and decades together. But, now these things don't seem that fascinating because now we have updated to another level and that update includes the use of a live / virtual classroom. In this case one can sit at home, yet attend the classes without the hustle-bustle of traffic or any change in the surrounding. Hence this is a drawback.

However smart classes and virtual classes have a lot of advantages that make them a boon to the society. They are :

I believe that use of technology such as projectors and interactive screens should be increased, especially in the context of learning centers. I wholly believe that the author is correct. However, the idea of a live / Virtua class brings in a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. One is definitely attending sessions at his own pace and learning according to his capabilities but, the experience of meeting new people and learning to socialize or making friends and anything for that matter that one experiences in a traditional classroom is deducted.

The ensuring body paragraphs are an elaboration of the aforementioned view.

In the first place, smart classes enable better learning. This is because these classes involve learning through audio visual aids, which impact the memory of students in a better manner. An instantiation of this can be seen by taking into consideration surveys which capture the effect of both types of classes. For example, in certain concepts of mathematics, figures are very important; the teacher may be unable to draw these diagrams properly, thus causing an impediment in learning. On the other hand, using a computer-based design would allow the teacher to explain all parts of the diagram, since it would be well-made.

Furthermore, smart classes would enable classes to be conducted remotely. this would allow students to increase their attendance, while studying from the comfort of their home, or a library. For example, if a lecture on physics is being conducted at a particular center a message would be sent to all enrollments to inform them about the same. This would allow them to login to their systems and study from anywhere. Not only would this help in saving money. But it would also optimize learning time. Students would not have to wait for the teachers to be free and doubts can be solved at any point of the day. nowadays even the online apps like byju's provide 24*7 doubt solving session.