Acne is the most common disease that 85% of the population suffer from at some point in their growing stages.A pimple is not something that happens due to uncared hygiene or anything. It has various reasons and sometimes simply happens and you should not feel embarrassed about it. It is curable if you treat it right.

For starters, tell me how do you feel when you wake up all prepared to rule the world and suddenly when you have a good look at yourself on the mirror you see that nasty big boy right on your face. Don't worry you're not the only one. Personally I've dealt with acne for a while and I know it reduces your confidence and self esteem.

Acne is often a common problem among individuals of any age, particularly among youngsters and females experiencing menopause.

Acne regularly happens at times of hormonal uneven changes in the body. Hormonal changes make organs create more oil than ordinary, which causes the skin pores to get stopped up and enable microscopic organisms to develop.

It is advisable to treat acne as soon as you notice as it can only deprecate if left unnoticed. White heads and Black heads can be easily treated at home using natural ingredients, a gentle cleanser and oil free products. It is cheap and not painful at all and can save you a lot of hospital bills and visits to the dermatologist. But, if this at- home treatment is ineffective, then one must immediately see the dermatologist, who would probably prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection, if any. There are many acne creams and face washes that claim to prevent and cure acne. But remember, everybody has a distinct skin type. Each and every product might not suit everybody. If there is any side effect or allergic reaction due to application of a cosmetic product, visit your skin specialist immediately. In a few appointments, you will see better result and reduction of acne, and attain the clear skin that you have been longing for.

Here are a few home remedies that work for acne, they might now give you perfect and instant results but they definitely help in reducing the chain and soothing the skin -

1) Aloe vera gel -

Aloe vera takes us back to history, because this has been used by generations together for its multi purpose quality. Aloe vera helps in hydrating the skin and it also helps in reducing the irritation caused.

2)Honey -

Honey is a natural moisturizer for the skin that helps in reducing blemishes it also contains bacteria that helps in reducing the acne causing germs. Apply a little on the areas effected and leave it on until it dries and let it do its magic.

3) Gram flour and turmeric -

This is one of my favorite face masks, this helps in giving an instant glow on the face. Turmeric has been used for ages to treat acne and acne scars and it has proved to be effective. Gram flour, commonly known as besan helps in reducing the oil produced on our face which is the root cause for acne.

4)Apple cider vinegar -

The use of apple cider vinegar to treat or cure acne has recently increased. There are people with drastic results after the use of apple cider vinegar. Take a small cotton pad and dab it in to a little apple cider vinegar and apply on the effected areas, repeat until you see results. However if it starts to itch or leave rash stop immediately.

5)Lemon -

Lemon has also been used for ages to treat acne because of its bleaching properties. Lemon has proved to reduce new breakouts as well as fade acne scars.

These are a few home remedies that I've tried and have proved to show results. Try them out and tell me if they work for you and which one proves the best!



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