Today's world runs on machines, there's nothing we do ourselves everything from calculation to cooking everything has been taken care of, hasn't it?

Do we struggle to do anything? Of course we dont.

Technology has reached a tremendous height in this fast paced world, we all are attached to technology so much and it has become a part of our life. It has become so important that we dare not think to live without it.From starting the day till we go to bed at night, we are tightly attached to technology, from buying clothes to ordering foods, all are done in just one click. Moreover it has made us lazy in one way or the other, because it has managed to cut down on all the physical activities we use to do. Technology has helped us a lot and also will keep helping us and make our lives easier. But one major question arises here is that are we using technology in a fruitful way? If not then, there will be a day when technology will rule us and it will be so devastating and we will be unable to fix it and at this pace the day doesn't seem far away.

By relying so much on technology, we spend too much time communicating with those who are far from us and tend to forget those who are with us. We start giving our families less time, this weakens our bonds and we are losing our communication skills and breaking our social relationships.

Technology seems addictive due to the convenience and comfort it offers, but if balanced well, more productive things can be made out of it and it can be use for the betterment of all.

There was a time when the pinnacles of technology were the spinning wheel, or the bow and arrow, or even the early attempts made by numerous scientists at discovering the universe but that time is now long past us. Now we live in an era of technology, where almost everything around us is run by machines, we like to see more on our phones than we wanna do in person, through the different eras numerous advancements technology has sure evolved a lot. From the diversified fields of science to medicine to weaponry, all the fields have witnessed revolutions in terms of new innovations.

Technology certainly has given way to an improved lifestyle and contributed towards the growth of economy but at the same, the amount of damage it has done to the environment as well as the mankind is a cause of serious concern.



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