Rain rain go away.

With monsoon just about to knock at our door, and knowing how monsoons are so hard, we need to keep ourselves well planned before hand. To keep your lives and daily routine normal going and to keep yourself healthy and infections free, we have got some ways to help you get monsoon ready, so gear up!

The month comes after the raging two months of summer, to give relief from the summer’s heat and this is the monsoon, having first sprinkle rain always gives us relief. Many love this season while many don’t because this season is messy.But there is a disadvantage also, like negative side effects, defects, etc.

The monsoon is liked by people, but having an accurate and perfect diet planning is necessary during the rainy season. It is very important to intake the right meal at the right time for avoiding the disease and make you healthy.

The first rain makes us happy and peaceful and one of the benefits of rain is that helps remove have rashes of the body comes due to summers heats.

What we need -

The rainy season sometimes brings irritation for the skin, to avoid this here are a few products that will keep us monsoon ready :

1)Keep it clean and smiling :

A cleanser -

Be it summer, winter or rain the environment we live in is full of bacteria and this bacteria leads to infections and inflammation of the skin causing acne, dry skin, rash etc. In order to prevent this, using a non comedogenic cleanser does the job just right. It will help us keep away bacteria and prevent our pores from clogging.

2) Hydrating and happy :

A Moisturizer -

Sometimes, the weather tends to make our skin dry and itchy it also makes our skin peel in flakes. In order to prevent this using a light moisturizer always helps. A hydro boost moisturizer is perfect because it keeps the face and skin hydrated.

3) Protected and pollution free :

A Sunscreen -

No matter how cloudy it gets protecting your skin whenever you step out is a must. However, using and picking the right sunscreen is important.

4) Blemish free :

A toner

During the monsoon our skin tends to get sticky, in order to prevent this using a toner is important. During monsoon our pores open and this could cause breakouts. Using an antioxidant and an alcohol free toner does the job.

5) Glowing and dewy :

Vaseline\lip balm -

During the monsoon it is important to take care of the sensitive areas like our lips. Chapped lips always cause irritation and do not look pleasing. In order to keep them hydrated is it important to use a lip balm.

These are the five basic steps I include in my skin care regime during the monsoon and you should too, in order to keep your skin glowing and vibrant!



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