How will the world be if it was Black & white?

It will be boring. Colors play an important role in making this world a beautiful place to live in. Love for colors never end. White light, when fallen on a prism, diverges into 7 primary colors. Violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red-VIBGYOR.

The human eyes can perceive all colors. We should be grateful to our eyes without which we can't enjoy these colors. Some animals can perceive only black & white and while some animals can see only specific colors. As we grow, a number of times we do not realize how little things matter in our lives. From the beautiful butterfly that would keep us hooked for hours to seeing the sun rise to its glory, from the tall trees of the Himachal to viewing the rainbow on a rainy day, all these moments have one thing in common- Colors. Very often we do not remember the importance that it plays in our life.

Everything we see with our naked eyes is nothing but a mix of different shades to form a new color. While, of course, it is a joke on the internet how women can find differences in the color Pink, It is intriguing to realize that there is no end to it! Repeatedly science has shown us how people perceive the same color differently. Experienced graphic designers can see a broader spectrum of colors as compared to an accountant. Maybe because their job has trained them to do so or some people are even born with that talent. If you ever met a color-blind person then you would really see how sad it is for them to not experience the beauty that exists in this world. There are many videos on YouTube where you see a color-blind person wearing goggles that allow them to see colors for the first time. When you see that person overcome with emotions, that is when you realize that you are taking this simple thing around you for granted.

We are going to take a hypothetical situation where the ability to see colors just does not exist. Our early human ancestors are believed to have UV-sensitive. This ability to see color, has a very interesting theory behind it, actually two theories. One theory suggests that the ability to see color evolved from the need to distinguish between poisonous and non-poisonous fruits. The other, very recent theory suggests that the ability to see colors evolve from the need to distinguish different skin tones. For example when one was reacting to danger or even blushing. So perhaps in the world without colors, we humans would be completely different.

We know in the end no matter what a world without colors is boring and not pleasing, what do you think?