This generation is technically smart but hold no sense of emotion. A child, a tender bud is often ill treated and ignored which makes misuse normal. It is essential to comprehend and lessen the dangers of maltreatment for your tyke and acquaint yourself with the indications of maltreatment. Children are vulnerable to anyone be it a stranger or a family member, they do not understand what is happening around them or with them in particular.

Roughly 3 million instances of tyke misuse and disregard including practically 5.5 million youngsters are accounted for every year. Most of cases answered to Child Protective Services include disregard, trailed by physical and sexual maltreatment. There is extensive cover among youngsters who are manhandled, with many enduring a mix of physical maltreatment, sexual maltreatment, as well as disregard. Children being helpless can do nothing to protect themselves or bring Justice.

Child Neglect is the most common type of child abuse. Child neglect is depriving the child of basic age-appropriate needs such as nutrition, housing, education, healthcare, emotional needs and physical needs. Failure of the caregiver to meet the child's basic needs will lead to physical, social and emotional problems in the child. Child neglect is not how parents think they should raise their child, but how society perceives parents behaviour towards their child.

Education can educate us, but can it make us all a human? The society we are living in considers the mating of primary kins as an incest taboo, but do they really mean it ? Having a sexual relationship with a child, of your very own family is one of the worst offence but still it is being ignored, by the laws and even the families don't show up to report such cases and keep it confidential so as to avoid any injury to their reputation. The child, a tender bud, who is not even mature enough, is crushed under the feet of such devils. The unresponsiveness of relevant institutions and services, enabled the abuse to continue for years or decades under the noses of authorities. There are millions of kids that go through this kind of abuse within the four walls of their house but are helpless.

Child abuse, in the recent years has become underrated and is not being given enough attention. Any kind of child abuse is an offense and cannot be ignored.

What can we do?

We can help the ones around us and bring them the necessary attention, we can also help in spreading awareness.