My Clothing! None Of Your Business

Parikshita Pal
Feb 03, 2019   •  5 views

Have we ever thought what Indians are in ‘masters’ for? The answer isJUDGING.Every indian is an expert in their own. No matter whether they have knowledge in that particular respect or not but they will give their expert suggestion.

The wordJUDGEMENTis very common in case of a girl as she is judged in every aspect- for the things she do and for the things that she don’t. Blaming men is not justified as women are the harshest critiques of their gender.

In India, the very common criteria for judging a girl is her clothing style. In every noor and corner of our society, a girl’s character is judged on the basis of dresses they carry on their body. If a girl is wearing a salwar and kurta, she is considered decent but she wears a short dress then she would be considered as indecent.

A girl wearing a small dress becomes a matter of sightseeing for people. Wearing modern dresses are only allowed in other countries not in India. Girls should be dressed as per the choice of the society. Even the educated ones have the same thinking in this matter.WHY SO?

Can’t a girl wear something based on their comfort level? Wearing covered clothes will change the character of the girl that she holds? Some families don’t even allow their daughters to wear cut sleeve dresses and not even dresses they are forced to wear a salwar suit.

We need to understand that our character is reflected in the way we behave not in the way we dress ourselves. If the boys are given the liberty to wear what they want to then why not girls? Why not boys are judged on the basis of their clothing?

We just need to open our mind set, getting a good degree is of no use until and unless our mind is broad. We should not judge a girl or anyone on the way they dress up and we don’t even have any right to judge them. Let everybody wear what they want to and what gives them comfort.