The same method of note taking and then cramming it before exams has proved to be subpar at best and ineffective at worst. To learn the material deeply and from heart, new study methods need to be adopted to make the most of your time. Below are three such unique methods that can make you learn the material properly:

1. The Leitner System

The Leitner System was formed by a German popularizer of science named Sebastian Leitner, is a more efficient method of studying that implements the concept of spaced repetition. All the cards start off in one pile. Firstly, you have to scan through these cards, go over them once, then test yourself. The cards that you answer correctly goes to a second pile, while those you answer incorrectly should be revised then placed at the bottom of the pile. Review the cards in the second pile and when you get them correct, promote them to a third pile. A card answered wrong will always get demoted to the first pile, even if they had previously been promoted to the last pile.

2. Timed Memorization

The name explains itself: you memorize a certain text within a time limit, normally around five to ten minutes depending on your fluency and memorization abilities. When the timer starts, you begin memorizing. Turn to the next page when the timer goes off, even if you haven’t finished the previous page yet. Continue until you’ve gone through all your material.

3. The Mind Palace

Sounds familiar? In BBC’s Sherlock, Holmes uses this method to remember vital information and facts. When you imagine a familiar place with each detail corresponding to something that you want to remember, that's a mind palace. All the objects and things that you imagine must be shocking and conspicuous so that they can strike your memory.

4. The Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro is a simple technique that works like this: you work for 25 minutes with complete focus and then take a 5 minutes break. You can change the length of duration of both, the focus period and the break period according to your convenience. During your breaks, you can walk around the room, get some fresh air, make yourself a snack. Try to avoid looking at a screen. Looking at screen and reading or doing somwthing on phone/ TV doesn't let the mind rest. Also, stay away from Internet as it can suck you in for longer time than you intended.