5 Habits That Make You A High-Flier

Omkar Shirke
Feb 11, 2019   •  1 view

#5 The art of exhilaration
The principle to live a happy life is to drop unpleasant memories behind and live in the present without our past coming to haunt us or future coming to scare us. Once knowing that nothing is permanent the man learns the art to be happy, to exhilarate.

#4 Acting Mindfully
It is a key to maximizing the true human potential for a rich, whole and meaningful life; to cultivate health, vitality and strength , because in today's life versatility is key!Also, act mindfully as it helps in every step of life by making right choices, taking right decisions and committing and accepting the task gleefully you're assigned and handle it mindfully.

#3 Sharpening the knife - Not working yourself to death
Hardwork is the cornerstone of human success - and a curse for a donkey . The long work hours many people log onto has increased the tilt to life comprising of anxiety, depression and dissatisfaction. Efficient planning with minimal effort to get things done is what smart work is all about. The advise on working smarter is to - Prioritize. Influence. Inspire. Manage up. Manage down. Network. Tap passion. Eliminating distraction. Down playing negativity. The list went on - over 1000s of advises. Just don't be a Donkey!

#2 Prioritize and think win-win
According to Stephen Covey, "The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities". Prioritizing things can completely change the direction of one's life. Thinking win-win isn't about being bad or selfish nor is it a medicament anecdote than it is to work effectively with others to achieve optimistic results and efficient solutions. It has to be your highest priorities.

#1 Be Generous - Let others reciprocate
To embrace the reality that life is not long enough, to believe transforming even a single life is worthwhile and acknowledging this jagron of doing good and getting it back are nothing but small acts of generosity. All but to know that generosity is currency of happiness and success, is the correct spirit. As Dalai Lama said, "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion". Each day life presents us with hundreds of to be generous opportunity, try and grab a couple of them!