Importance Of Time Management

Yusra Lodi
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Most of us start or end our days nagging about not having enough time to do things we want to do. 24 hours don't feel enough for us to live our lives fully. There is a lot more work to do and a lot less time for it. The greatest people in the world are provided with the same amount of time that we are. Yet, they have soared the skies while we cannot even map the land.

The biggest reason behind this is time management. The art of time management distinguishes ordinary people from extraordinary.

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What is Time Management?


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Oxford defines time management as; 'the ability to use one's time effectively or productively, especially at work.'

Time management is the art that not only helps you to excel in your professional life but also in your personal life.

Various surveys show that spending 10-15 minutes on planning your day's activities beforehand, helps you save at least 2 hours of your wasted time.

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Importance of time management

Time management is one of the most important and essential assets in day to day life. In this age where people don't want to miss out on anything, time management comes into play. As the world has moved forward, we have sidetracked the importance of time management.


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It has been proved that starting your day's work with a cluttered mind leads to a wastage of 1.5 hours a day being distracted and frustrated.

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In the world of multitasking and stressed-out souls, nagging about the lack of time, it has become necessary to bring into light the importance of time management.

1) Time never waits: It is rightly said, " Time and tide wait for none", time is like a moving river, constant in its flow. No 24 hours you can save for future use and no 24 hours you can get back. What is gone is gone.

2) Less stressed life: When you have your list of priorities set, having assigned the right amount of time to each, your day's work is sorted. You already know what is to be done at what time. Time management can save you from the rush and frustration you might have to face because when you're stressed out about missing a deadline nothing seems to go right.

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3) Time management keeps you motivated: When you have a well-planned schedule for the day, the work appears lesser and easier. Time management helps you to control your activities, instead of letting your activities control you. As your life comes more in your control, you naturally become motivated to work every day.

4) Provides enough alone time: Spending quality time alone is as necessary as anything else but amidst jobs, responsibilities and duties this alone time gets kicked out of the window. Good time management skills help you find free time for yourself where you can relax and revitalise yourself for the coming challenges.

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5) Opportunity to learn something new: There are doors of opportunities everywhere around us if we just have the time to hold them open.

The greatest of achievers and versatile personalities made the best use of their time in order to excel in various fields. With great time management skills, we can do the same. Time management provides us with much free time to explore new ideas.

6) Protects from work overload: Proper time management helps us to complete the given task within the mentioned deadline, leading to zero pending work. Hence, saving us from work overload and unnecessary tensions.

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7) Your personal life flourishes: Many people complain of not being able to give enough time to their families due to a large amount of work, which leads to misunderstandings and baseless fights. Time management can help you keep aside time for your family without affecting professional life.

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Time management is the key to success in various aspects of life. We don't realise it but working without a proper schedule, consumes a lot of our time than what is actually required and leaves us drained out. This is the reason every successful person talks about preparing a to-do list before starting the day.


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