Top 5 Places To Visit This Summer In The U.S. Or The U.K

Nonisha Das
Jun 25, 2019   •  38 views

If you're planning a trip to foreign then this guide would come handy for you.

Here are some of the most beautiful and exotic places to visit this summer, which you wouldn't want to miss!


I would always suggest anyone looking for a foreign trip to mark London in their list to visit because it's on my bucket list too!

London itself says a lot and one must have already heard a lot about all of its attractions.

Tourists crave London for its plenty of attracting venues to start from.

If you're also a fan of Harry Potter as I am you must visit this magical place for sure. I wonder who wouldn't enjoy some tinge of magic in their mundane life. And what's best than going to this magical place of wizards and witches full of magic floating around. You can actually revive your childhood memories by visiting this place if you were a Harry Potter fan. And even if you were not one, this place would still welcome you all it's magic and you'll definitely love it. Who knows if you actually get to meet some of the wizards or witches, you never know!

Buckingham Palace Tour

If you're in London you can not miss the perk of experiencing a royal palace obviously. Pay a visit to this stunningly beautiful palace and you'll get a closer and better of the Royals, exciting isn't it?

Don't forget, you can't take pictures inside so just be aware of that!

Tower of London

Another exquisite attraction, you would be amazed by the breathtaking collection of 23,578 gemstones at the Tower of London.

One can also learn a lot about the bitter history of pain and torture that happened on Yeoman Warder Tours.


One of the most beautiful and important Scottish castles, and of course very famous! You can plan to visit this beautiful castle up the hills and experience the amazing skyline touching the castle creating a scene worth living. It would take around 2-3 hours to tour the entire Castle area.

If you aren't sure about walking up the hills, the hop on hop off buses will be helpful for you which will get you close to the palace.


I've mentioned some of the exotic sights not to miss while in New York.

Empire State Building

The sparkling New York is hard to think without the iconic Empire State Building. It's an astonishing piece of art which the architecture took almost over 400 days to design completely. It's not the tallest building anymore, but you gotta be prepared to treat your eyes with the fine interior of the building.

Central Park

You can visit this beautiful park, to feel the experience out of the city. The 38 Acre area will surely excite you up. If you would like to enjoy some free time with lots of sun rays, flat out a blanket and lay there and enjoy the feeling with everyone around relaxing in nature.

These are very few of the destination, you might want to visit if you're planning a foreign trip. Though there are numerous sights to see and experience. Hope this article could help you in any way to plan your next trip!