Someone Great. Netflix Original

Nonisha Das
Aug 07, 2019   •  6 views

The story of an outstanding female friendship and having courage even in pain are at the leading topic of this touching romcom and about a woman who's trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered romances.

We don't really have enough modern romantic comedies that explores the love and connection of female friendship after a romantic breakup. There are also even less movies that feel like really personal, where we can relate with the experience.
That's why the writer and director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson “Someone Great” does an amazing job in this film depicting the before mentioned aspects, which also helps to fill the blank with this amazing film. This movie is no doubt filled with fun, friendly connection and about a woman truly devasted after splitting up with her long-term lover and her two best friends who spend their one final night together.

The role of Jenny played (Gina Rodriguez) and Nate played by (Lakeith Stanfield) seemed to have a really bright future together. But, after being together for about nine years time their different career choices, seems to split their way in further journey. Her choice as in music field and his as community organizer. What once seemed very romantic, and forever thing turned into pieces of devastated relation. This drastic change in their relationship is shown through the changes of pictures on her screen. But seemingly, the only positive distraction is an epic concert: the Neon Classic.

Jenny thus decides to party her way through the pain of breakup before she leaves for San Francisco to live her dream life, Jenny tells her amazing plan to her longtime best friends Blair played by (Brittany Snow) and Erin played by (DeWanda Wise), they decide to make the most of the concert that evening. Jenny also demands they should drop their work to help her moving on by shopping, drinking, smoking weed and securing tickets to the music showcase. But as three of them quickly realize that there’s no amount of healing that will prevent her from reliving those memories again and again, those scenes even if emotional does have a comic relief to it.

When we thought Jenny’s problems seems to be the only one , Blair and Erin also come across similar kind of fate in their romantic lives of love relationships. The PR strategist Blair wants to dump her boring and boyfriend Will played by(Alex Moffat), but her feeling guilty kept herself from splitting up. Also on the other hand of the story, successful real estate agent Erin is not ready to do commitment in her sexual relationship with a boutique owner Leah played by (Rebecca Naomi Jones), because she’s doesn't want to get hurt again.

Robinson has done splendid job in creating this amazing friendly, loveable realistic characters you want to hang out with, and who remind you of the friends. These are the kind of friends you would always want to have.
But in the end three of them really seem to be finally able to sort out their relationship problems and happily went on spending the night together. The title of the movie also does justice which shows not someone she's wanting to have or not about the guy Jenny wants back in her life, but rather it is who she’s striving to be in this world.

Definitely worth watching. One of the most funniest and emotional movie of three girl friends!!



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