The gender wage gap in India basically means as the term itself suggest, it is the difference in the job earnings between a women and men in his or her employment and market.

When after further analysing the level of female participation in the economic field against the male participation, the survey reports and places India among the bottom 10 countries of the world that's really not expected considering the number of population India have. Thus accompanying the fact of unequal pay among men and women, here we also find a not so equal representation of participation of men and women, even though when women comprises almost half of the total population of India.

Is it very often when we do talk about the unpaid or underpaid work that women are continuing to do, which assist the economy and never actually gets accounted for?

No matter how unbelievable it may seem but it is the fact.

The international rights group released a report before the start of the Annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) in Swiss ski resort town, which also reported that how the females are the one who are vastly hit by hugely uprising economic inequality, in India too. Not something to be proud of!

Seriously how often do we actually talk about the unpaid work that women are still doing, which is sustaining the economy but never gets in consideration ? How far have we actually progressed in terms of equal pay for both men and women’s labour?

Women don't even get their deserved money for their job and their job in their respective field. Even after they do paid work they don't get the deserved money which they should. And it's very unfair for a developing country like India to have these kind of inequality issues. No matter the field, every women should raise their voice against this matter to bring a equal and positive change in the nation's development.

We can't really have equal rights among both the genders until it's implemented in every other aspect of life and not just on some rights of life. But economic equality must be the priority of government and nation to look up-to so that both the genders get the deserved penny of their hardwork. Including rights about equality in every aspect won't count unless it's actually is implemented in our daily life. Be it in any field.