Substance Abuse : A Black Hole

Nonisha Das
Aug 07, 2019   •  9 views

A very important and burning topic, substance abuse which we better know as drug abuse and how it really acts as a black hole which is trying to swallow you whole without leaving anything of yours.

Drug abuse we all know has become very common nowadays due to the more easy availability of it. It can be said mostly common among the youngters who feel it's such a privilege and honorable practice to consume drugs which is not actually the case.

Why is it common among the youngsters??

Maybe because they have all the problems of the world and no one else. Is it so?? No!! Everyone irrespective of their age have their own kind of issues to deal with and not everyone takes up the path of drug to deal with their problems. Then why is it common among youngsters?

Because youngsters are really easy to brainwash and to make them do certain things stating them as fun but which is actually poisoning them day by day.

Teenagers having family issues or relationship issues which is one of the most common reasons for them to feel lonely and on that state of mind, they get influenced even easily than a 6 year child. They think taking drugs would help them create a world of their own where there won't be any more problems to deal with and everything will be okay. But is it so?? Don't you realize you're just getting deeper into the black hole of drug abuse. You feel you can get rid of your problem but once the effect of the drug goes congratulations you are back to reality with tons of more added problems due to your so called path of relief that is drug consumption.

Suppose when you're sick and you visit doctor to get rid of it. You have the medicine in the prescribed amount and feel better soon. But how would you feel if the medicine instead of solving your issue will increase them further day by day without you being realising?

But that's exactly what you're doing with yourself, you're drugging yourself to get rid of problems or for fun but you don't understand the drug or the dose you should take rather end up inviting more problems.

It's for you to decide whether you want a healthy life or a virtual life of happiness which is momentary and adds up to your problems when you return to the real world.