A diverse and accepting place, where there are forests, mountains, beaches and oceans everywhere, Vancouver is a great place to rejuvenate your senses. Vancouver is not a small city so there are a ton of attractions, landmarks and day trips to make your vacation memorable. Besides, it is totally safe no matter where you wander.

The best time to visit this amazing place would be between May to October, May and June being the time when the sun comes out in full force, showing the city’s stunning landscape in its best light. So here is a list of spots you should definitely hit during your visit.

Hole in the wall Waterfall

This waterfall is situated on port Alberni and also known as Warren Falls. This is a truly unique structure to marvel at, created by a blast through a massive wall of volcanic shale. It is a man-made waterfall which is 96 feet high and built on Warren Creek. The average rate of flow is 35 cu ft/s. The day hike is easy enough to bring kids on the adventure plus it is dog friendly. It offers a stunning view of port Alberni’s history which you could admire.

Victoria and the Butchart Gardens

Victoria, the capital of british Columbia, is located on the island of Vancouver. You can take a ferry to the island to visit this beautiful, charming and scenic town. Another famous attraction is the the world-renowned Butchart gardens. These lush green gardens are a feast to nature lovers.

Capilano suspension bridge park

This awesome adventure park is located half an hour drive from Vancouver. Walking on the cliff which is 70 meters above from sea level and 140 meters long feels like a gravity defying strode in the nature. This joyful tree top adventure freshens up your senses to a great extent. Though cliff walk is the iconic attraction here but the park also boasts of natural trails and eco tours. Regalia is a traditional performance which involves dance, masks and storytelling and visitors can also witness this charming carnival.

Grouse Mountain

The grouse mountain, a.k.a. ‘the peak of vancouver’ offers a breathtaking view to the visitors. Once arriving at the foot of the mountain, one can easily take up to the very top or one can also hike it. You can easily spend an entire day hiking, zip lining, paragliding, skiing, or go on a helicopter ride over the mountain. It is a winter wonderland for families as you can do amazing stuff like skiing.


It is the oldest part of the city with cafes and restaurants popping here and there. Apart from cafes, it is also an area of shops and galleries budding in the Victorian buildings. Steam Clock and Gassy Jack are the spots where people stop to have pictures. The town with iron lamp posts and cobblestone streets creats its own unique charm.


It is an intoxicated perfect blend of modern buildings with old Victorian ones. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden and Sam Kee Building are major attractions. Generally, the signs and name of cafes are written in Chinese. Chinese New Year is celebrated with all the enthusiasm.