Niagara falls is a profoundly beautiful and magical place which rightfully falls as one of the dream destinations of the people. This is not an average waterfall but it is bound to take your breaths away and leave you speechless and lost in thoughts. Niagara is prominent for two reasons which are its beauty and the immense production of hydroelectric power. This amazing natural wonder is shared by two countries since the Niagara river falls on the international border between Canada and the USA. With more than 3000 tons of water thundering over the falls every second, the scene, whether you plan to watch it from from the USA side or the Canadian side, is absolutely stunning.

If you plan to visit Niagara falls, here are some things you should definitely include in your trip.

Maid of Mist/ The Hornblower

The Maid of Mist and Hornblower are boat tours which operate from the USA side and Canadian side respectively. These rides take you so close to the falls that it leaves you wowed. Get soaked in the mist of these gigantic water cascades and as a unique souvenir, you get to keep the ponchos they provide to every passenger. You can differentiate between the two cruises by the color of ponchos passengers are wearing. While Maid of Mist provides you with blue ponchos, Hornblower provides you with red colored ones.

Niagara Skywheel

There is no way you can miss this vantage point. Niagara skywheel is a 175 feet tall ferris wheel which is located in Clinton hill. The ride gives you breathtaking panormic view of the area and yes, you can definitely see the falls from it! The duration of the ride varies from eight minutes to twelve minutes. You can even witness the gliterring light of Clifton Hill in the evening. Are you ready to see stunning aerial views of Niagara skyline?

Fireworks/ Illuminations

If you want to feast your eyes at night, head to the falls to witness the captivating illuminations. With a bunch of different colours illuminating the falls or the combination of the fireworks and lights up the night sky. In the year 2016, the older lights (Xenon lights) were replaced by new LED ones and the outcome of this huge investment was worth every penny. The new lights worked more efficiently and produced twice the more lighting levels.

Clifton Hill

Clifton hill is the major street in the city of Niagara Falls and is full of different attractions, restaurants and arcades. Some of the attractions that can be found here are Dinosaur Adventure Golf, Movieland Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, mystic maze of mirrors, guinness world of records etc. You can unravel all the fun here which includes posing with wax figures, finding your way through haunted houses, playing various games and not to forget the delicious food. This is definitely the place for some family fun.

With all the fun that is awaiting you at this perfect place, are you all set to visit Niagara?