Indian Classical Musical Instruments Part-2

Nissi Keerthi
May 03, 2019   •  48 views

In my blog, I have started the series of describing the Indian Classical instruments that we almost don't know... If you have not seen the part 1 Here's the link...

I am also learning many things about Indian classical music and the masters of this music who are now unnoticed by many Indian Youth.

Though music transcends language, culture and time, and though notes are the same, Indian music is unique because it is evolved, sophisticated and melodies are defined. ---Dayananda Saraswati

Let's get into learning Indian culture shall we?

In previous article, I mentioned basic info about Bansuri, Rudra veen and Santoor. Let's see some of the other instruments that I mentioned as precap of the part 1 here.


Sarod is a popular sting and fretless instrument used forhindustani music. This instrument has 25 strings. This instrument is played with a plectrum made with a piece of a coconut shell. Amjad ali Khan is the famous sarod player.


Shehnai is a famous wedding instrument in South India. This is a wind instrument used for celebratory and temple music. Shehnai playing is even seen in streets to concerts. Ustad Bismillah khan is the famous Shehnai player in India.


Sitar is the most popular classical instrument by the world. This instrument is also seen to be played by Indian God figures like Saraswati etc. In the past, Many ladies used to learn stringed instruments like sitar and veena. The people who learnt this instrument are seemed to be well educated. Sitar is also being used in Concerts and electronic sitars are being used for fusion music. Ustad Ravi Shankar is the famous sitar player in India.

Dholak and Tabla:

Dholak and Tabla are unique rhythmic instruments. Dholak is mainly sed for folk music while Tabla is a popular instrument in hindustani music. These insturments are well known to many Indians as they are used to get rhythm instead of drums. These are played in Temple, Festive and celebratory events.

FACT 1 : Sangeet Natak Academy award will be given every year for best [performance of a musician by Sangeet Natak akademi, India's National Academy of Music, Art and dance. The cash price is about 1 lakh according to Wikipedia. This awad is presented on the hands of The President of India.

FACT 2 : There are even courses that one can learn to become well versed in music like MA in Music and BA in music.

There are many instruments that I didnt cover in my blog.But, I will write about them in some other time. Hope you guys liked it.. Untill then... Vandemataram.!!