Indian Classical Musical Instruments Part -1

Nissi Keerthi
May 02, 2019   •  41 views

Indian classical music is the medium to depict Indian culture in a diverse manner. Indian culture and traditions are interlinked with Indian classical music.There are many instruments that are popular with Indian classical music. Let's see a few of them Shall we?

  • Bansuri

It is a bamboo flute and is famous as Krishna the Popular God figure in India holds it. This bansuri has no keys and tones but solely depends on controlling breath to get the sweetest music from Bansuri. Hariprasad Chaurasia is a Popular Indian Bansuri player.

  • Rudra vina:

This is one of the oldest instrument in Indian classical music.It consista of a large fingerboard with two gourd resonators at either end. Asad ali Khan is the popular rudra veena player.

  • Santoor:

I always used to think Santoor as a soap but It's a popular traditional Indain classsical musical instrument. This is a Indian version of Hammered Dulcimer. This is mainly used in folk music and associated with Rajasthan. The classical version has 84 strings!!!Shiv kumar sharma and Rahulsharma are the popular santoor players. These people areeven featured in Tajmahal tea ads.

The rest of the Indian clasical instruments will be discussed in the next part of this article series. Untill then, Namaste!!

Precap: There are many other musical instruments like Sarod, Sitar, Shehnai and many others.



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