Be sceptical.

Never believe in the actual ingredients that are written on the product but dig deeper. Never believe in anything that is not tested properly. There are various brands that will attract you towards them by saying that they can help in increasing height or gaining weight or losing weight but never believe until you are sure. So, here I am going to share a method for reading the labels on the food items read on.

  • artificial flavouring and food colouring- These contain ingredients that are not natural, hence not good for health. To specify these only numbers are written and not the names. These are carcinogenic in nature(some of them).

  • Soy Protein Isolates: it now is genetically modified and also has very strong estrogenic action. So, it is harmful.

  • Gums- these are emulsifiers and have adhesive properties. these are harmful because they destroy the microvilli present in the intestine. It can also lead to problems like diarrhoea and bloating.

  • Maltodextrin- It is defined as highly processed carbohydrates like rice, potatoes etcetera. Because of its processing, it has lost all of its nutritional value. Since it is nothing else but carbohydrates so eating it can cause a sudden increase in blood sugar level. It promotes the growth of harmful bacteria.

  • Corn syrup- It is not good for sugar levels in the body. Sometimes it is also referred to as invert sugar.

  • Vegetable oils- all the known vegetable oils are highly processed and at the end of their formation they have lost their nutritive value (if any present). These are considered responsible for the increasing obesity rate in India.

Always keep in mind-

  • If you see the names of sugar maltodextrin etcetera at the back of your food item on the label kindly avoid taking it, because you know that list is according to the concentration of the ingredients which are highest at the top and which gradually decreases, so if you see any good ingredients that are in low concentration it is of no health benefit.

  • Check if preservatives are present.

Thank you!