Eat These Food To Avoid Diseases.

Nishtha Kapoor
Mar 28, 2019   •  41 views
Blessed is the man who has hobbies.

Someone has a hobby of gardening, others of collecting coins and the list goes on. But I have a hobby of eating. Yes, I am a great foodie. And everybody nowadays is. When we are hungry we eat without thinking about the quality, calories and other stuff. Mostly we eat fast food from that vendor who stands just in front of your house because you are hungry and not have enough energy to cook.

What must be taken care of during this time is your health, that you always forget.
So this time, irrespective of your level of hunger, you must know how to control it and above that what to eat. Here we are going to discuss what you can eat to prevent diseases to reach you. Also, it gives a special glow to your face, strengthens your hair and makes your body feel healthy from within. The following foods will help you in doing the above-mentioned things.


These help in regulating blood sugar level hence is good for diabetic patients.
This fruit is also blessed with properties to keep healthy digestion in your body. It is also good for the liver. Keeping equal justice, eating this fruit will keep your heart healthy. Jamun is a fruit with a lot of fibres, so it also helps in weight loss.


Raw bananas are really good when it comes to your stomach health, it helps in keeping your digestion healthy. It is a food that can help in making you feel good, it is a mood booster. When it comes to bloating you must try raw bananas to prevent it.

Bottle gourd

This food is really light and hence easy to digest. But unlike its soft and light nature after being cooked, it has great properties of helping you in weight loss. It also helps you in keeping your heart safe and healthy. It also has some amount of water in it.


It is the favourite summer food for all. These are highly nutritious food and can be eaten as a snack, with or without peeling its outer cover. Eating it along with the outer covering is really advantageous since it acts as roughage. It is also a fibrous food, helps in weight loss.

Yam beans

This vegetable can provide you with enough amount of vitamin C in your diet. This vegetable is highly fibrous, helps in keeping the blood sugar level under control. It also helps in weight loss and digestion.

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